A Message From Our Board
Dear WHWS Community -

Thank you all for your continued commitment to Waldorf education and to our school. Because of your families, our community is vibrant, loving, and generous. However, we understand that the COVID-19 situation is concerning on many levels. The purpose of this message is to acknowledge, reaffirm, and address some of these concerns and to convey our assurance that we are working diligently to ensure continued success during this unprecedented time.

As a school, we are adapting and will continue to make adjustments in order to remain operational in this new and temporary dynamic. We must remember to stay connected to one another and to the core reasons we believe in Waldorf education.

The transition to remote learning has been challenging for parents, children, and faculty. We are aware that the effect varies depending on the age of your children, the size and arrangements of your family, and the way our spirits evolve in this uncertain time. Our school staff has been working hard ¬≠to create and distribute curriculum, support their classes, and encourage one another. 

Parents have also been working hard, juggling employment changes and uncertainty, household logistics, childcare, and delivery of curriculum. We acknowledge and appreciate all you do, for your children, and for our school. As the situation changes, we must communicate our needs, be patient with each other, and address concerns as they emerge. We ask that you watch for and share your thoughts in the survey that we plan to send out later this week. Data from this survey will help inform decisions as we move forward.

You will soon be receiving your April invoice from WHWS. We understand that some of you may already be feeling the financial impact from the current state of the economy. We ask that anyone concerned with their ability to meet their commitment to the school please get in touch with Kathy as soon as possible. Kathy, with support from the Board, is committed to working with families to help mitigate financial strain.

We employ wonderful faculty and staff, and remain committed to their financial wellbeing. We are taking measures to ensure the financial stability of the school as we move forward so that we continue to provide Waldorf education in Whatcom County.

The school governance, faculty, and support staff want to thank you for your patience and understanding. We are committed to Waldorf education, your families, and our school.  

Be well.

On behalf of the WHWS Board of Trustees,
Aaron Brownlee, President