Message from the Owners
Hi SOAC Community! 

Thanks for a great Summer! Even with construction taking place on almost every area of SOAC, we still hit our biggest membership numbers ever! We want to THANK each and every one of our almost 4000 members as we continue to IMPROVE the SOAC EXPERIENCE! As we wrap up most of our construction updates, we wanted to recap just how much progress we made in only a few months. 

Courtney & Greg Bienvenu
Our patio has made one of the biggest transformations. A much larger concrete area has been added. We extended the covered space and added a huge new high end bar. In addition, we installed state of the art video wall tv and speaker systems. We also now have some cool outdoor games for family fun. We upgraded our food and beverage menus to give our SOAC members an awesome dining experience. We have lots of exciting SOAC events coming to our new Patio space.
Our pool received several major updates throughout this Summer. Thanks for your understanding while some of these improvements happened during pool hours. New Pool Check In - New Pool Pavilion -
Updated Baby Pool -
Updated fencing -
Added seating and umbrellas.
The construction schedule of the new splash pad and slide pool additions has been slowed down by unexpected delays in permitting. All signs indicate that we will finally have the go ahead from the permit office in September. The construction will now take place from November through February while our pool is closed and will be ready for the 2019 pool season. Here is a sneak peek of the new pool layouts.
We added 41 new parking spots in between the tennis courts and pool. Along with the added parking, we completely renewed the rest of our parking lot.

Here is a layout to help you navigate when entering and exiting SOAC.
A large portion of our renovation budget went into completing a new roof plus new HVAC components to insure many future years of no worries! While a lot of this can’t be seen, you can appreciate a water tight, well insulated roof and energy efficient HVAC for many years to come. We also added an awesome HALO system into our HVAC units to provide some of the cleanest air conditioning in all of Baton Rouge. Having a clean gym is important to us, so we love our new lime green restroom and gym fixtures that house our sanitizing products.
We hope our littlest SOAC members are enjoying the added outside play features. We think we added some of the coolest playground toys and a great, safe playground surface.

And, of course, there are always Fun Zone workers present to supervise safe outside play!
New walk paths and privacy fencing were added in between the courts and parking areas. Courts 3 and 4 just received a new LED lighting system. This will provide great lighting for many tennis nights to come. Extended Patio hours allow for late tennis play to enjoy more time with your SOAC Tennis family. 
We strive to give our SOAC community the best rates for the most amenities in our area. It is important to be upfront when we make any rate changes, so we wanted to go ahead and post our small rate increase ($3 and under per person) for 2019.