Dear TMS families,

As we plan for our return to school in the fall, it will be helpful to have your feedback and ideas about how to proceed. At this point, we are not sure exactly how school will look in the fall, but please rest assured that we will keep you up to date as our plan comes into focus. Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee that the options laid out here will in fact be possible; the situation is constantly in flux, as you know. In general, we are assuming that school will be provided both on-site and online as long as it is safe to offer classes on campus. Thank you for completing this survey!

Please also remind your student to fill out the student-facing survey that is in their inboxes . We know students aren't as inclined to check their TMS email accounts during the summer, but their input will also help. 

Please note: a few of the questions here refer to a “cohort model.” Right now, the Department of Public Health is requiring stable cohorts of up to 12 students across K-12 schools, although this number is still under consideration. The cohort model facilitates more accurate testing, tracking, and tracing of the virus. Students in a specific cohort group would not be able to interact with students in another cohort. Students within a cohort would eat lunch together (in their classroom) and socialize together. Social distancing may have to be practiced within the cohort to a reasonable but not absolute extent. It is not yet clear if the Department of Public Health will allow different adults to interact with different cohorts.

The Marin School Fall 2020 Planning Committee