To my dear Pilgrim Pines family:
It is with a heavy heart that I share my plans to step down as Executive Director of Pilgrim Pines.  My last official day on staff will be  Friday, February 17, 2017.
I have been on an amazing journey for the past year.  With a sincere heart, and the blessing of my family, I took a major leap of faith and made myself available to serve.  Unfortunately, shortly after joining the ministry team, things began to complicate for me on a personal level in unexpected ways.  As I reflect on the current state of my heart, I realize that I am unable to continue serving as Executive Director.  Without going into too much detail here, let me simply express that I would be more than happy to share my story in a private conversation should anyone be interested.  In the meantime, I would greatly appreciate your prayers if you are willing to include me.  I will be sure to include Pilgrim Pines in mine. 
I am pleased with what we have accomplished in our short time together as a ministry team.  We have been diligent in our cause to inform and engage our family members.  We have planted important seeds as concerns a new culture of partnership across the conference.  We have made great strides in updating and improving some key infrastructure.  God clearly has big plans for Pilgrim Pines.  The future for our beloved ministry is bright.   
While I may be stepping down as Executive Director, I plan to remain an active part of the Pilgrim Pines family.  As we speak, I am working with the Board of Directors, Jim Condap and Karen Manlove on new models and transition plans.  I will be exploring new ways to serve.  My wife and I will continue to financially support Pilgrim Pines.  Pilgrim Pines is in our bones.  My hope and prayer is that our brothers and sisters here will be able to look past today's events and welcome us  tomorrow as they always have in the past.  I apologize to those I have disappointed.  I am disappointed as well.     
Your brother,

Scott Lee