Submit your Forms A & C (Statistical/Parochial Reports)
For all of you who have already completed your Forms A & C, we are deeply grateful. Your input will help us plan better for the coming year(s).
Here is where our synod is at, 46 forms submitted.

If you have not completed them or are unsure if your congregation has done so,  2019 Forms A & C are due on Feb. 15.  We know that this is a busy time of year, but ask that you do this as soon as possible in the days ahead. Our goal is to increase our percentage of congregations completing these to 90%. We would love to receive all of these reports and join the synods that have all congregations complete them.  If someone else does this work in your system please touch base to thank or encourage them. The deadline is February 15 of each year, but congregations are encouraged to submit these whenever they are completed. 

Did you know that the information a congregation submits (or does not submit) in reports goes into your congregation's trend report, which is publicly available online? Seekers looking for your congregation can see not only the information you submit but also whether the congregation has submitted Forms A &C.  ( To view a congregation's trend report on the ELCA website, visit the ELCA directory, click congregations and search a congregation to download their trend report.)

Did you know Bishop Jon and the synod ministers use congregation information from Forms A & C during the call process? This information provides insights about a congregation and the pastor serving, which can be especially helpful during planning and discerning throughout the call process. People considering your congregation will notice flat data and know the congregation has failed to complete their statistical reports. 

Did you know completing Forms A & C is one of the requirements for receiving some synod grants? We are working to help you and your congregation, filling out these forms is one way you can help your larger church. 

The Forms A & C (parochial reports) are historical records of our church body, and each congregation of the ELCA is asked to fill out these report forms annually. This data is crucial in knowing how we do church together.  The ELCA also uses this data to assist in assessing the success of existing programs and in preparation of new resources for your congregation. 

These reports are vital to the ELCA's commitment to improving its efforts to spread the good news and are used in allocating the ELCA's resources to synods and congregations.

Normally your data will not make the synod's trend report if it is not in by early April. We will spend staff and volunteer time following up to ask you to complete these reports.

These are just a few helpful reminders of why your congregation
should submit Forms A & C annually. 

To fill out these forms you must have your congregation ID number and password. Passwords change from year to year. Congregation passwords can be found on the mailed form A (top right) or you can call the synod office at 507-637-3904. 
The deadline is February 15 of each year, but congregations are encouraged to submit these whenever they are completed.

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