Dear Member,

Please review this important message from C.A.R. regarding new guidance for open houses and showings.

June 10, 2021

This week, you received a message from C.A.R. President Dave Walsh about the statewide reopening on June 15. As part of that message, President Walsh referenced C.A.R. FAQs and other documents that provide the information you need to properly conduct business after June 15. While the state is reopening, and business will be easier to conduct, there are still some protocols that will apply, including those concerning groups where there are non-vaccinated individuals present.

C.A.R. has created an extensive and detailed new Q&A and Quick Guide to ensure that members are in compliance and well-informed with the new rules likely going into effect, including changes for open houses and showings. The Q&A addresses the following issues:
  • Physical distancing and cleaning requirements
  • Posting rules of entry
  • PEADs and other sign-in requirements
  • Wearing of masks 
  • Requiring proof of vaccination and/or negative COVID test results
  • Addressing claims of medical and religious exemptions to wearing masks
  • Conducting door knocking activities
  • Distributing flyers 
  • Reopening offices

C.A.R. encourages all members to read the new Q&A and Quick Guide. Additionally, C.A.R. recently held a webinar addressing the reopening. A recording is available here.

This is still a dynamic situation and more guidance may be issued from the state prior to June 15. We will continue to communicate new information about the state’s reopening that may impact your business and update the FAQ as necessary. In the meantime, please check C.A.R.’s COVID website for FAQs and other important information.