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Important News For Sunday

Houston, we have a problem!

Those who attended last Sunday's service were quite shocked to find that there was no AC in Turner Auditorium. The Ridge turned into a good old-fashioned summer camp meeting. Most improvised and made the bulletins into fans, while I kept dabbing my head with a rag.

Needless to say... it was hot!!

So, what about this Sunday??

Looks like the AC issue might not be resolved by this weekend. But don't worry!! I actually believe this is an amazing opportunity.

Get ready to do something good (Good Works)!

It just so happens that United Way is in the middle of their " Stuff The Bus " drive for school supplies. This is a community-wide fundraiser to donate, collect, sort and distribute school supplies to hundreds of at-risk youth in Title I schools in Columbus, Phenix City, Russell, and Harris counties.

I think this is an awesome opportunity for Ridge families to help the community!

Here's how:
Plan to be at The Ridge this Sunday at your normal worship hour (9:15am or 10:30am). We'll gather for a very brief moment under the huge oak trees in the courtyard. We'll provide each family with a book bag (already purchased) and a notecard with the details of what to purchase. We'll have a prayer over the book bags and send everyone to Target or Walmart (or your favorite store) to purchase the necessary supplies. Each bag can be filled for around $20! Once you're done shopping, bring the book bag filled with the supplies and drop them off at The Ridge office (5624-B Whitesville Rd., grey building).

Easy peasy!

A few important things to know:
*We'll have donuts, Panera, water and Coffee available, just like normal. I know that many of you can't get through a Sunday without your Golden Donuts.
*This is an amazing way to serve with your family ! If you have children, this will be a great chance to explain why serving others is so important while living it out.
* Wear your Ridge T-shirt so that people will know that you're part of The Ridge family.
*Someone will be at the church office until 12pm to collect the book bags.

Let's have some fun serving this Sunday as a church family . Galatians 5:13 reminds us to " serve each other through love ." We're going to have the opportunity to show a little love to the community and lend a hand to those who need a little help starting off the new school year on the right foot.

Who knew that having no AC can actually turn into something good?!?!

We'll see you Sunday!

FYI - Next Sunday we should be back to normal.
Upcoming Summer Message Series

You'll spend one-third of your life at work. Don't you think God wants you to make the most of it? "Made For Mondays" will show you how to maximize your job, and how to be more creative, Christ-like, and successful at work. This series will revolutionize the way you think about your job, your career, and your work in general.

July 15th - 6:30pm

Want to learn more about The Ridge? There is so much we'd like to share with you! Join us for supper on Monday evening, July 15th for some time of fellowship. Childcare and pizza provided!

Please register and we'll be in touch.

Registration link:  Click Here
RidgeRunners Pool Party
This Friday!

We're having a pool party for parents and RidgeRunners on Friday evening, July 12th at Coca Lake subdivision. Put on your swimmies (maybe a little sunscreen) and plan to have a great time swimming with your friends!
Teacher Student Recognition Sunday
August 4th

Let's join in prayer for a great beginning.
This is your year!!
Interested in leading a group this fall?

Leading a small group is a great way to encourage and challenge others and experience spiritual growth. Being a leader calls for a high level of commitment but allows you to make an important impact on those in the group. We believe that everyone in community has something to contribute to the group and the leader can encourage group members to use their gifts of hospitality, teaching, administration, prayer and more!

Many leaders start groups in their neighborhoods, workplaces or with others with similar interests. If you are thinking of starting a small group this fall, we’d love to hear from you!  

If you would like to take a next step into leadership or have any questions, please contact us: Click here .
How Are You Gifted To Serve?

Have you ever wondered how you can "do more" at The Ridge? Or make use of all of your talents? Let us help you help others!! We are compiling a list of all our Ridge members and their gifts/talents/resources! No matter what you can do or what you have, there is a place for you to pitch in!

Join our "Ridge To The Rescue" list: click here.
Rose Hill Ministry

The Ridge is in charge of feeding the homeless every second Tuesday of the month. All meals are served at Rose Hill Church on Hamilton Road.

Our next service date is August 13th at 5pm.

Please email us if you would like more information: .
Volunteer Registration

 Did you know that God has gifted you to serve Him? Did you know that the church can't possibly live into its potential without your help?

Scripture says that just as each part of our body plays a specific role, the members of a church are vitally important. (1 Corinthians 12)

Are you willing to do "Whatever It Takes" to reach people for Jesus? If so, join one of our volunteer teams and help us reach more!

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