Volume ONE |  July 6th, 2017
Your Monthly News & Updates From the Pitch

Greetings EMWSL members,


I am Deirdre “Dee” Woolley and I am the new President of EMWSL. We are really excited for a number of opportunities we are exploring to promote our league and increase membership. We are partnering with the Boston Breakers and New England Revolution to periodically have a presence at their games. I hope you all can make some of their great soccer games this summer as they are very fun outings with friends and families! Be sure to watch our website and emails for more information.


I have been asked to address you all by our governing body Mass Soccer in regards to a practice they are seeing in registration of players that we want to put a stop to. This is part of an email I as President was tasked with getting out to all of you.


From Mass Soccer:

At the start of the spring season, and now summer season, we are seeing a significant number of NEW accounts opened by players who already have accounts. This is very problematic as it compromises the integrity of our account information, will typically delay the registration process, and may delay adding a player to a roster.

On many of these duplicate accounts, we are finding players who have different dates of birth on each account. While some may be typos, it appears that many of these are intentional – either created by the player or the coach/manager- to allow a player onto an age restricted team, or avoid a youth waiver.  Please note the following by-law which stipulates the penalty for these actions.  

By-Law 7.3 Registration Penalties

 1) Any player found guilty of falsifying or providing false documentation

     in order to obtain a MASS Soccer ID passcard shall be suspended from MASS Soccer

     for a period of not less than 2 years and may be subject to further disciplinary

     action by MASS.

 2) Any team manager or coach or team administrator who knowingly aids a player in

     obtaining a MASS ID using false documentation shall be suspended from MASS Soccer for a

     period of not less than 2 years and may be subject to further disciplinary action by MASS.


It is critical that the player (not a manager, coach or administrator) creates or renews his or her own registration. The player personally must approve the Player Waiver. No one should be doing this on the player’s behalf, and if they do, it exposes the non-player to liability.


I cannot stress how important it is to maintain the integrity of the registration process and direct all league members to ensure you are registering properly and that all of your information is accurate. Your division registrars can help with any issues so please reach out to them with any questions. 

I appreciate your attention to this matter and I hope you are all having a great summer season and wish you all the best in your games!  We hope to see you out at the Breakers and Revolution games. EMWSL will be at some of these games so be sure to look for our tent and come by and say hi!! 



Deirdre “Dee” Woolley

President EMWSL

EMWSL Cleat Drive Launches Friday, July 7th, at the
Boston Breakers Game, 4pm!
Our drive will culminate in a EMWSL tailgate and tally of

OUR CHALLENGE & GOAL: 111 pairs!
Enough for ten teams in Massachusetts!

More info to follow in separate email!