Important Update!
To:                      NMAR Members
From:                 James Russ II, President
                           M. Steven Anaya, CEO
Date:                  March 16, 2020
The health, welfare, and safety of our members are of the utmost importance. As Coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns grow around the country - and in New Mexico - people need to take proactive actions to help prevent the spread of illnesses: wash hands thoroughly, stay home when you are sick, practice "social distancing."
NMAR Leadership is committed to making sure member needs are continually met and operations continue in a safe manner. All NMAR IN-PERSON meetings for the month of March through mid-April have been canceled, postponed, or rescheduled. Zoom (electronic) meetings will go on as scheduled. In-person meetings scheduled after April 24 are being evaluated and committee members will be notified as soon as a decision has been made on individual meetings.

The NMAR office will be open. For the remainder of this week (March 16-20) we will be operating on an abbreviated schedule - from 9:00 am through 3:00 pm. Staff will have remote access to email, so if you have a question or concern, please do not hesitate contact staff via e-mail (as opposed to telephone) for faster response.
Information is ever-changing. We will post the latest information regarding NMAR services and meetings on our Facebook page ( ) and our website ( ). New Mexico updates are available at the Department of Health's website .
We encourage you to take proactive steps to help prevent the spread of illnesses, including Coronavirus and the seasonal flu. Stay healthy and safe.
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