Dear Familia,

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged all of us in many different ways over the past few months. It has put our resilience to the test and truly made this a year where we must ascend to transcend the day-to-day difficulties and frustrations so we can live productively and safely.

We have just learned that the State of Colorado has secured the Colorado Convention Center in Denver as an alternative medical facility through the end of this year, closing it to all other events. As a result, the 2020 National Convention will be a virtual event. This was an option we had already been seriously considering, but this decision by Colorado has made it official.

Yes, we will miss the chance to connect in person this year, but we are motivated and energized by the challenge of offering our signature convention in a virtual environment. We are proud of the resiliency of this organization and the awesome positive energy and enthusiasm our members and supporters have. And it is for these reasons that t ogether we will ascend to transcend the disappointment so that we can execute a massively successful virtual convention that brings all of us together for networking, education, career development, and celebration.

Join us on this exciting journey as we pivot and adapt to our new reality and in the process create a fantastic experience for all of our stakeholders. If it can be done, SHPE can do it better!

We will open general registration on July 1. At that time, and no earlier, the details about this exciting, innovative virtual event will be revealed. In the meantime, please keep the convention on your calendar for October 28 - November 1. We look forward to seeing you!

¡Todo juntos! Si podemos!