Important News for Providers Serving School Age Children

Dear Early Learning Partners,

Since the local school districts will be offering virtual classes as the new school year begins, it is expected that many working families will need full-time care for their school age children. We are pleased to inform you that the Office of Early Learning is allowing, in certain instances, for School Readiness Providers to be reimbursed the full- time rate for school age children who attend a full day at their facilities. However, this reimbursement would be based on the unit of care the children are authorized to receive.  

In other words, if a family is authorized to receive full-time care, while the School Board is providing distance learning only, you could set up classrooms for these children to spend their day learning virtually, preceded by before-school care and/or followed by afterschool care. 

The current certificates for school age children provided to you by ELC Broward (and what you see in EFS) do NOT reflect whether a family is approved for full-time care. This morning, we received the current list of families receiving full-time vs. part-time care, and we will send each provider a roster of their part-time children. If you do not receive a list, it means you have no part-time school age enrollments. Please note, the vast majority of children/families are approved for full-time care.

If you are licensed to accept school age children and have school age rates on your 20/21 Provider Profile, there is nothing you need to do at this time. If you are not currently serving school age children but would like to and have the available space and capacity, please contact the Broward County Child Care Licensing office to add this service to your license. You may add school age rates to your 20/21 profile while in the process of updating with licensing. Please note that if you have a SR or VPK contract/application that is not yet certified, you will be unable to update your 20/21 profile until the certification process has been completed.

We will be discussing this opportunity at the August 5 Virtual PLAN Meeting. Please check the Calendar of Events and Meetings on the ELC website to register for the meeting. 

Thank you for all your efforts to serve the children and families of Broward during this challenging time.