To all Clients of Shunyata Milton:

It is with heavy heart and much regret that we have to announce our relationship as we've known it for the past year and half with the Fitness Etc. Gym in Milton appears to be coming to an abrupt conclusion. They have informed us that as of March 1st 2019, Fitness Etc. Gym will be closing their doors for business unless they find new space in that time. 

It is our plan to find alternative arrangements both short term and long term and be in a position to provide our services and offer our clients the consistently high level of yoga experience we've all become accustomed to.  At this early date we are not exactly sure what that will look like but we hope to be able to find a seamless transition to the process.

However, until we resolve our location issue we will immediately cease to sell any long term passes and will charge clients on auto withdrawal memberships a pro rated amount as of February 1st.

We ask for your patience and understanding as we resolve this dilemma we find ourselves in. Remember when we were forced into new space last time, we managed to accomplish it without missing even one day of classes from the schedule.... Hopefully, as daunting as this task appears this time on such short notice, the experience will be similar. We appreciate your support as always and will keep you posted with any new developments.

Thank you.

Shunyata Milton

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