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Diana O'Kelly, Township Supervisor

December 21, 2022

Message from Highway Commissioner Alicia Dodd

Season's greetings and congrats to all of you who wished for a white Christmas! It appears your wishes are coming true!

Although it's looking like our snow totals could be lower than originally expected, those 3-4 inches of snow will be the light, powdery type that could create some really poor visibility conditions as the winds pick up towards Thursday evening and through Saturday. The temps will be dropping rapidly in the afternoon, creating the risk of flash freezing if pavement is wet. 

Our trucks and drivers are ready for the task. For your safety and for theirs, here are some requests we have:


Please do not park your vehicles on or along the road if at all possible.Having the roads clear of parked vehicles allows us to do a better clearing of the snow and reduces the risk of damage to vehicles and pedestrians.

Please keep your garbage and recycling bins in your driveway and off the road. We've noticed that snow day coincides with garbage day more often than we would like. Keeping the garbage bins off the road reduces obstacles for us to avoid and allows the plow to clean closer to the edge of the road.

We are expecting times of low visibility due to blowing snow. For your safety and in consideration for the plow drivers, please avoid walking along or in the road when the visibility is obstructed.  Snow plow drivers on residential routes have a lot going on. Maneuvering the truck, controlling the plow, monitoring proper salt distribution, avoiding cars, mailboxes and garbage cans while working mostly in the dark in the early morning hours or evening for hours at a time.  If you must walk along the road during plowing operations, please wear brightly colored clothing, use a lit flashlight, and move out of the path of the plow driver. Don't assume they see you. 

Driveway clearing tips-- with snow events of this size and duration, we normally make a quick initial round where we do one pass on either side of the centerline. We then come back a second time where we will do two passes to clear the entire width of the road (and culs-de-sac). If you wait until the second (or sometimes third) pass, you are less likely to have to shovel the end of your driveway twice.   Another option is to remove snow from an area to the left of your drive (as you're looking out to the road). This creates a void that the snow from the plow will empty into, reducing the snow dump into your drive. 


Be prepared for a rapid drop in temps tomorrow! Always travel with winter gear, food and water.  

Happy holidays! ❄️

Alicia Dodd

Fremont Township Highway Commissioner


Pinochle Players Wanted!

Attention Pinochle players!

Mundelein Rec offers Pinochle games for seniors at the Regent Center on Mondays, 12:30 - 3pm and

the first and third Thursdays from 12:15 - 3pm; each are single deck games.

On the 2nd and 4th Friday, they have double deck games, starting at noon until 4pm.

They would love new players, however there is a membership fee for the Regent Center based on residence/non resident. 

There are also game fees..Monday games are $7 every 6 weeks with monetary prizes for the first 10 places.

Thursday games (called Golden Hours) are $4 every time and that money also goes toward prizes as well as celebrations throughout the year.

Friday's double deck is just for fun.

If you haven't played in a while, no worries, we are patient and can help you get up to speed. Anyone interested in joining can contact Sheila at 847-899-2590 or the Regent Center directly at 847-566-4790.

Where Do I Recycle Christmas Lights?

Mundelein Public Works and Engineering and Elgin Recycling is hosting the annual holiday lights recycling program. Anyone interested in recycling their used holiday lights can bring their items to one of the following locations between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday from now through January 31, 2023.

Holiday Lights Recycling Locations:

Village Hall, 300 Plaza Circle

Public Works and Engineering Facility, 801 Allanson Road

Fire Station #1, 1000 N. Midlothian Road

Police Department, 221 N. Lake Street (lower level)

Only the light strands themselves will be taken; bulbs do not have to be removed from the strands but should be removed from boxes and/ or plastic.

Please Note: Lawn ornaments, other holiday decorations, or light strands connected to wreaths, garlands, or other material cannot be accepted. Residents dropping lights off at the Village Hall are limited to two 25-foot strands or equivalent length.

If you have any questions or bulk drop-offs, please contact Public Works and Engineering 847-949-3270.

50 and Over and Looking For Things to Do?

Check out the schedule at the Mundelein Park District.

Click here for their schedule They have some new programs and fun trips scheduled.

Have You Signed Up for Energy Assistance?

It is time to sign up for Li-Heap. Please check the income guidelines to see if you qualify.

If you have questions or need to schedule an appointment, call Nancy at 847 223-2847. Liheap may have recently applied a credit to your account. That credit does not replace this program. Please call Nancy to schedule an appointment to apply for this program. 

If you are a Nicor client, they have increased the income eligibility level. Please check the chart below to see if you qualify. Call Nancy for an appointment if you meet the guidelines.

Ride Lake County  Pace Bus Service

Ride Lake County is a borderless countywide paratransit service that provides seniors age 60+ and people with disabilities transportation to any area of Lake County for work, shopping, medical appointments and more. 

As a reservation-based program, vehicles do not travel on a fixed route each day. Riders schedule their trips in advance and the vehicles provide curb-to-curb service from the rider's desired pick-up and drop-off destinations. Ride Lake County is a shared-ride service, so vehicles may make stops for other passengers. 

Click here for more information

Click here for the brochure

Your Donations Go To Local Rescues

The local animal shelters are in need of sheets, towels, small throw rugs and blankets. There is a bin on our front porch at 22385 Route 60, Mundelein, if you have any old bedding you would like to donate. No pillows! The donations get distributed to shelters. We also accept leashes, collars, toys, pet food etc.

Recycle Items at Fremont Township

Our shoe bin is also on our front porch and we are accepting shoes to be recycled and reused. Please tie or rubberband the shoes together when you drop them off.

We accept yarn in our office.

We accept eyeglasses and hearing aids in our office.

We accept American Flags in our office.

The textile bin is also open and is located in our parking lot. Click here to see what we accept.

Email Us With Your Comments For Our Board of Trustees

If you have comments for our board, and can't make our meetings, please email Chris McCann at with your comments.

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