Five Towns Premier for Rehabilitation and Nursing


Building a new State of the Art Rehabilitation and Nursing Center


Woodmere, New York 



Architect:               John W. Baumgarten Architect, P.C

Interiors:               AE Design Group
Contractor:           G. Fazio Construction
Building Exterior
 (Sixth in a Series)
Hello again and thanks for continuing to follow the story of  Five Towns Premier for Rehabilitation and Nursing.  As this new, modern, well-appointed senior care building steadily moves towards it Fall 2017 completion date, the excitement continues to build in Woodmere and throughout the surrounding Long Island communities.

In past issues, we have focused on the Premier's many unique qualities;  its robust technical infrastructure, incredible interior aesthetic (by AE Design Group), specialty care areas such as its dialysis and respiratory care suites, the Premier's renowned physical therapy program and its wide array of resident amenities. 

This month, we will focus on the building's exterior design; its massing, esthetics and technical features.

Patio and

Dining Turret

The Premier is located at the intersection of three streets in the heart of downtown Woodmere. Our major design challenge was to take a large building footprint and marry it to the residential scale of the surrounding neighborhood.
The largest street frontage is along Central Avenue where the property stretches the entire block length. The Premier's main entry will be located along this frontage at 1050 Central Avenue. 

To avoid a long street wall, we set the building back at the mid point of the block. In the void space created by the setback, we placed an outdoor patio and a bay window shaped turret which expresses the Premier's dining and recreation areas. 

The Light Well and

Porte Cochere

To further break up the Central Avenue Street wall horizontally, we carved out a "jagged edged" light court from one of the building's rectangular wings. 

The light court serves a number of purposes; to reduce the building's mass, to provide visual interest and to accentuate and identify the building's main entry located below.

The main entry is further accentuated by a gable roofed drive-thru porte cochere and flanking roofed porticos centered on the light court. The light court's angled walls create views out to the street giving it a more open feeling.

To reduce the building's scale at street level and express the functions happening "behind its skin", we clad the ground floor story in a decorative masonry block. 

The block is a good functional choice to take the wear and tear of pedestrian and vehicular traffic and also creates an aesthetic and textural contrast with the lighter color stucco style finish of the four resident floors above.
Learn More About EIFS
The "stucco" is actually an Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) which combines cement with special acrylic components applied on a fabric mesh. The acrylics and mesh allow the EIFS finish to be more plastic (less brittle) than old fashioned stucco applications. The mesh is secured to the buildings structure through insulation board.
This exterior insulation, combined with conventional insulation installed inside the walls, will make the Premier's exterior walls extremely energy efficient.
In addition to it energy efficiency, EIFS has an "aesthetic advantage", allowing Architects to sculpt a wide variety of architectural features in a multitude of colors.
To further create a more residential scale we designed a number of traditional facade elements including; projecting window sills, caps and water tables.
To complete the residential look, we s pecified white double hung windows and a white multi-faceted cornice to cap the building.
As the Premier moves towards its Fall 2017 Grand Opening, we will continue to "tell its story".
Thanks for your continued interest!
About JWB Architect:
John W. Baumgarten Architect, P.C., headquartered in New York, is a full-service, regional architectural firm serving proprietary and not-for-profit organizations in the healthcare, education, commercial, corporate and public arenas.  The firm has been recognized for its work with senior housing, urgent care centers, skilled nursing, dialysis, community centers and more.  This award winning firm provides architectural design services to clients in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware and Florida.  

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