Five Towns Premier for Rehabilitation and Nursing


Building a new State of the Art Rehabilitation and Nursing Center


Woodmere, New York 



Architect:               John W. Baumgarten Architect, P.C

Interiors:               AE Design Group
Contractor:           G. Fazio Construction
Welcome Back
 (Tenth in a Series)
Welcome Back to our Loyal Readers and Welcome Aboard to our "First-Timers"!  Thanks for your interest in the Five Towns Premier for Rehabilitation and Nursing.  As the Premier moves closer to its Fall 2017 Grand Opening the excitement and anticipation continue to build.  This cutting edge Senior Care Center will be a game-changer for seniors and their families on Long Island.

In recent newsletter issues we have touched on the Premier's many resident programs & amenities, its elegant interior design, the high-tech technology and its unique array of services such as Dialysis and Respiratory Care. In this issue, we want to focus on the Premier's resident centered design through the eyes of its future guests;
Linda W. is a 58 year old local resident who just had a total right knee replacement. After her discharge from the hospital, Linda arrives at the Premier and is quickly situated in a private room on the third floor.  It is lunch time and Linda is impressed with her menu choices including kosher options.  As Linda enjoys lunch, she looks around her room and notices how much it feels like a hotel. Right after lunch the "Rehab Team" arrives full of energy and helps Linda learn how to safely get in and out of bed.  After a stroll down the hall, Linda is given a wheelchair ride down to the first floor Rehab-Gym. Wow, Linda thinks, this place looks and feels like a health club!  Linda meets her physical and occupational therapy team and begins her road to recovery.  She can hardly believe that she is doing range of notion and leg strengthening exercise on her first day.  Over the next several days, Linda rehabs in the gym twice a day. As her knee grows stronger, she rides an exer-cycle, climbs stairs, does leg lifts with weights and practices activities of daily living functions such as getting in and out of a bath tub and in and out of bed. 

After one of her exercise appointments, Linda and her husband head out to the Premier's sun drenched outdoor patio where they enjoy coffee and pastries from one of the lobby kiosk carts. In between therapy sessions, Linda take advantage of the Premier's Wi-Fi network and does some on-line shopping on her iPad.  She also enjoys curling up with a book in one of the many cozy lounge areas on the third floor.

After 4 full days at the Premier Linda is ready to go home and begin her therapy on an outpatient basis.  Way to go Linda!
Stan W. is a 78 year old Dialysis resident at another nursing and rehabilitation center on Long Island. Stan's family is concerned that he is being worn-down mentally and physically. You see, the facility Stan lives at does not have in-house Dialysis. This means Stan must travel by ambulette three times a week to an off-site Dialysis clinic, sometimes in very cold and inclement weather. Undergoing Dialysis is tough enough, adding on a long cold commute makes it tougher.

Things are about to get better for Stan and his family. Stan has just transferred to the Premier where it's beautifully appointed in-house Dialysis Suite is only an elevator ride away from his room.  The treatment suite features 14 Dialysis stations and overlooks a garden patio. The suite's comfortable interior design conceals a high-tech infrastructure which includes piped oxygen to enhance clinical care and cable TV and Wi-Fi to help residents pass the time.  The Premier's Dialysis expertise does not stop at the doors of the treatment suite. Stan will reside on the second floor's renal care unit where staff has been specially trained to care for the needs of Dialysis residents.  With his long commuting days behind him, and his health and quality of life improved, Stan and his family now have time to enjoy the Premier's many programs, amenities & services.
Although Linda and Stan are fictional characters, we all know people just like them. As the Premier's Architect, I can assure you that the services, amenities and technology I describe in this article are not fictional and will be a reality in just a few short months. 
Thanks again for your continued interest in the Premier.  Our Next Series of Articles will focus on its Grand Opening and will feature video tours and photographs of the completed building. We Can't Wait To Show It To You!