May 15, 2023

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Keep the Change

We talk a lot about the future this time of year while reflecting on the past year. We encourage students to look forward, to set new goals and to be excited about what is coming next in their lives. We celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of the next milestone. But, let's be honest. Change is not easy. In fact, change can be downright difficult.

This is not a new philosophy. In fact, science tells us that our brains are hardwired to prefer consistency rather than change. Did you know that people are so uncomfortable with change that they would rather know that something negative will happen than not know what the outcome will be? Albert Einstein stated that the measure of intelligence is the ability to change. It's hard to argue with a genius, but I believe it might not be the measure of intelligence, as much as the measure of bravery.

Regardless, change is inevitable - another cliché. So, it may be easier to shift our perception rather than accept that change is easy Maybe we need to see change as the start of something great, something new, or something limitless. As we put away the backpacks for the summer, throw out the sneakers our kids have outgrown, empty our email inboxes, or even start packing our student's belongings as they prepare to leave home, the fear and sadness we feel are real. But we also can choose to feel excited. A new chapter is about to unfold.

For our educators and staff, that chapter might include a new roster of students, a new curriculum, or even a new classroom or workspace. For graduates, that chapter might include a move, a new career, or a new course of study. For parents, that chapter might consist of new responsibilities, more free time, or new associations. But for all of us, change can equal something new.

So as you roll through these next few weeks and into the summer, embrace the changes that are happening around you and use the uncertainty to fuel excitement and positivity. Let life surprise you a little. And remember, progress is impossible without change.

Enjoy your summer.

Nathan Hale


What's Happening in Our Schools


The supportive and creative members of Tarhe Trails PTO made our staff feel special during Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank you for the goodies and refreshments, but especially for the kindness.


Everyone who attended our Glow Party had an excellent time! What's a Glow Party? It's a fun-filled event filled with music, dancing and lots of glow sticks! Throw in family members, a snack bar and a popcorn machine and your night is complete!


Mt. Pleasant 5th graders were recently visited by volunteers from the Red Cross. They learned about the functions of the Red Cross and were given strategies on what to do during an emergency situation. Thank you, Red Cross Volunteers!


Dozens of talented students participated in our Talent Show this month! Research shows that children who perform are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement compared to their non-performing friends.


Carrie Burnworth is one of this year's Ohio TORCH recipients. The TORCH program signifies Teachers of Ohio Representing Character and Heart, and we're proud to honor this amazing music educator in Lancaster City Schools. Congratulations!


Mr. Sheridan and Mr. Gramlich’s 7th grade Social Studies classes kicked off the financial literacy unit over the last couple of days. Students had the opportunity to learn about credit, budgeting and money management from the professionals at Park National Bank and our wonderful guest speaker, Molly Bates.


Ruling Our eXperiences (ROX), a nonprofit organization focused on programming, research and education for girls, is honoring school districts across the country that are making meaningful investments in future female leaders. Lancaster City School System is among those being recognized for outstanding participation in this endeavor. Thomas Ewing's Mrs. DeLeon is among the facilitators of this program.


The annual LHS Spring Showcase was a success with departmental informational tables, an activity fair, career tech orientation, and BioMed, PLTW, STEM, Engineering presentations. Awesome turnout.


MAY 27!


Lancaster City Schools Preschool is enrolling students for the 2023-2024 school year. LCS Preschool is a Center-Based Preschool Program that accepts students of all abilities. 

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