I recently attended the annual Round Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Mayors’ Luncheon. The Mayors' luncheon provides each Mayor the opportunity to give a brief history about their community and then summarize with sort of a “State of The Union” type of report. I always enjoy speaking of the unity of the Round Lake Communities. The value of our Libraries, School Districts, Park Districts, Forest Preserves and Fire Protection Districts is second to none. I am proud to report on how our Village implements new strategies, programs, and technology to save money, increase efficiency and improve public infrastructure. 

I want to remind residents the 2020 Census is right around the corner! Starting in May, the U.S. Census Bureau will be sending workers out to your neighborhood. Census Bureau employees will also be collecting information from those who have not mailed their completed census forms, filled out their forms online or called in their response.  

Ultimately, the success of the census depends on everyone’s participation. The census affects your voice in how much funding your community receives and how your community plans for the future. Learn more about the 2020 Census at www.eroundlake.com.

If you have any comments, questions or ideas you would like to see included in the e-newsletter, please email me at dmacgillis@eroundlake.com.

                                                  Mayor Dan MacGillis
Convenient Payment Options!!
Did you know that you can manage your Village utility account, including paying your bill, online? Create an an online account to receive e-notifications of new bills, to view billing and consumption history, to schedule payments using your bank or credit card account, sign up for paperless billing, and much more!
Setting up your online account is easy! All you need is your current utility bill showing your account number, as seen here:
Sign up today at  www.eroundlake.com.
Tips to Reduce Water Consumption
Looking for a few easy ways to shrink your water footprint? Below is a collection of tips to help you cut back on your water use. 

  • Make sure your toilets are in good working order and are not running when not in use.
  • Make a habit of checking your outside water spigots, each evening, during the warmer months of the year so your water is not on all night.
  • Consider switching out your conventional shower head with a water saving shower head and/or take fewer or shorter showers.
  • Be cognizant of outdoor water usage and running faucets at all times.
  • Use your dishwasher as opposed to washing dishes in the sink.
  • Have the professionals wash your car or use a self-service bay.
  • Use a rain barrel.
United States 2020 Census
The 2020 Census is right around the corner and ultimately the success of the census depends on everyone's participation!

What Is the 2020 Census?
The 2020 Census counts every person living in the 50 states, District of Columbia, and five U.S. territories.

The count is mandated by the Constitution and conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, a nonpartisan government agency. Each home will receive an invitation to respond to a short questionnaire—online, by phone, or by mail. This will mark the first time that you will be able to respond to the census online.

How the Census benefits your community
Federal funds, grants and support to states, counties and communities are based on population totals and breakdowns by sex, age, race and other factors. Your community benefits the most when the census counts everyone. People in your community use census data in all kinds of ways, such as these: 
Counting Everyone
Participating in the census is required by law, even if you recently completed another survey from the Census Bureau. A complete and accurate count is critical for you and your community, because the results of the 2020 Census will affect community funding, congressional representation, and more.

Visit  2020 Census   to learn more.
Carbon Monoxide Safety Alert
Thank you Fremont Township for sharing this very important fire department warning!

Carbon Monoxide Safety Alert! Please take a minute to clear ice off your newer homes high efficiency intakes and exhausts on your house or it may back up into your home. CO has no odor, can’t see it- the silent killer! Be safe and buy a CO detector for under $40. Might save your families life! Stay warm and safe! 
Holiday House Decorating Contest Winners
A big thank you to all those that participated in the holiday house decorating contest! The winners are.......
1st Place:
Albeck Family
2nd Place:
Dugenske Family
3rd Place:
Neff Family
Senior Citizen Utility Tax Rebate Program
Round Lake Residents over 65 years of age are eligible for the annual senior citizen utility rebate of $50.00. Please stop by the Village Hall with a picture ID and a copy of your current gas or electric bill. Only one rebate per address is allowed.

The last day to file is March 31, 2020. Checks will be mailed to rebate residents in April 2020.
Parkway Tree Trimming
Winter is an ideal time to trim trees and the Village has contracted Sawvell Tree Service to continue trimming parkway trees this year. 

Crews will be focusing in the downtown area, Parkview subdivisions and Valley Lakes subdivisions this year. 

The Village prunes parkway trees to provide clearance on roadways so cars and trucks don’t hit branches. We also trim trees to remove dead or crossing branches, improve the crown or shape of the tree and promote a healthy tree. 
Please keep an eye out for the trimming crews; both for their safety and yours, please stay back from their work area. If you have any questions about tree trimming in your neighborhood, please contact Public Works at 847-546-0962 or pwdept@eroundlake.com .
Why Are The Flags at Half-Staff?
Have you ever wondered why the Village lowers our flags to half-staff? We follow instructions from the Illinois Governor’s office. According to Illinois.gov: “The Office of the Governor has ordered all persons or entities covered by the Illinois Flag Display Act to fly the flag of the United States of America and the Illinois flag at half-staff for every Illinois member of the armed forces, police force, fire service and other groups covered by the Act killed in the line of duty. The flags shall fly at half-staff from sunrise to sunset on the day of the funeral and the two days immediately preceding that day.” 

The Governor’s office sends out alerts when the flags are to be lowered and raised. If you’d like more information on a specific honoring or would like to receive flag alerts please visit: https://www2.illinois.gov/Pages/News/flag-honors.aspx
Code Enforcement FAQ's
Q) Are there any tips for protecting my home from winter weather and ways to save money on heating costs?
A) It is never too late to prepare your home for cold weather. Here are some tips:
  • Have your furnace inspected and cleaned by a reputable HVAC company.
  • Change your furnace filter on a monthly basis during the winter months.
  • Clean debris out of your gutters to prevent ice dams from forming which can cause leaks inside your house.
  • Flush your water heater. Sediment that builds up in the bottom of the tank can cause the heating element to run longer which adds in increased cost and premature failure of the tank.
  • Reverse your ceiling fans to pull air up to the ceiling and force it out down the walls.
  • Install window insulation film on windowpanes. This will serve as a layer of insulation on the glass helping to reduce a loss heat, especially on single pane windows.
  • Install weather stripping around interior window and door frames.
  • Caulk around exterior windows and door frames.
  • Install a programmable thermostat to change your home’s temperature at different times of the day.
  • Insulate any water piping that you can access. Insulation will help keep the heat in and the cold out.
  • Make sure anywhere you have water pipes, valves, or a meter, the temperature never gets below freezing.

Q) When do I need to remove my holiday lights and why?
A) Holiday lighting should be removed by the end of February. The National Electric Code (NEC 2017) limits the installation of temporary holiday decorative lighting to a maximum of 90 days. The wiring used in decorative holiday lighting is not designed for or approved for continuous exposure to the elements and over time can become an electrical hazard.
Additional News
Please keep the sidewalks clear of ice & snow. As a reminder, Village residents are required to remove any snow and ice on public sidewalks adjacent to their properties within 24 hours after the storm event. If snow or ice cannot be removed, the surface should be treated to lessen the hazard for pedestrians. 
Congratulations to Round Lake Police Sergeant Kraig Kapusinski  for attending and graduating from Northwestern University Center for Public Safety School of Police Staff and Command (SPSC).

The SPSC is an intensive ten-week program intended for mid- and upper-level management personnel to prepare law enforcement managers for senior positions by uniquely combining academic principles with practical applications. 
January was a busy month celebrating the following promotions and service award anniversaries!!
Service Awards
Peggy Gustafson celebrated her 25th anniversary with the Public Works Department.
Wayde Frerichs celebrated his 5th anniversary with the Administration Department.
Congratulations and thank you for your service and dedication!
Sergeant David Prus was promoted to Deputy Police Chief.
Police Officer Michael Stevens was promoted to Sergeant.
Sergeant Nicole Cheney was transferred to Detective Sergeant.
Congratulations and we wish you all the success in your new roles!
2020 Frosty Footrace.... Join the fun and walk or run for a good cause in the Frosty Footrace All-Terrain 2 Mile Run/Walk on February 23rd. Register at the Robert W. Rolek Community Center, Sports Center or online at  www.rlapd.org .
Village Offices will be closed on   Monday, February 17th in observation of Presidents’ Day. Normal business hours will resume on Tuesday, February 18, 2020.
Village Officials
Dan MacGillis, Mayor
Debbie Perlini, Clerk
Charlie Foy, Henry Frye Jr., Russell Kraly,
Don Newby, Sanjay Patel, Jake Mandelman