It is official, summertime is here and the Round Lake Area has much to offer. May I remind you to remember to apply your sunscreen, wear sunglasses and drink plenty of water. With the summer heat upon us you may want to consider taking the family for a dip in the Park District pool: .

Check out the programs and events offered by the library this summer at . Don’t forget to visit the official tourism site for Lake County, .

Our area offers so much outdoor family fun including 75 lakes, over 100 beaches, 500 miles of trails and bike ways, our beautiful forest preserves, community festivals, and farmers markets! Round Lake, what a wonderful place to call home!

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                                                  Mayor Dan MacGillis
2018 marks the 38th Annual National Night Out sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch.  Every August, the Village of Round Lake supports the National Night Out effort by hosting our own Night Out event to increase awareness of the importance of community Spirit. 

National Night Out is designed to strengthen our communities by encouraging our neighborhoods to engage in stronger relationships with each other and with our Police Department partners. The goal is to heighten crime-prevention awareness, build support and participation in local anti-crime programs, and most importantly, send a message that our residents are aware, are organized, and are willing to fight crime when necessary.

Join the Round Lake Police Department for the annual National Night Out Against Crime:

When: Tuesday, August 7th, 2018
Where: 741 W. Townline Road, Round Lake
Time: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

There will be fun activities for everyone, including a car cruise with prizes, free hot dogs and other treats! We hope to see you all there! Visit National Night Out for more information.
Below are photo's from National Night Out 2017!
Fight the Bite! Protect Yourself Against Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes are not only annoying but they can be carriers of the West Nile Virus as well. To help combat mosquitoes, Clarke Environmental will be treating Village areas for mosquitoes again this year. Residents can sign up to be notified when spraying will occur by calling the Mosquito Hotline at (800) 942-2555. This number can also be used to report areas of standing water that may be a potential breeding ground for mosquito larvae. More information can be found on the Village website:
Remember to practice the “4 Ds of Defense” to protect yourself and your family from mosquitoes this summer:
  • Drain items that collect standing water, such as bird baths, gutters, plant containers, and buckets from around your yard and business
  • Defend yourself by wearing insect repellent containing DEET
  • Dawn to Dusk: Be extra cautious during these peak hours of mosquito activity
  • Dress with long sleeves, pants, and closed-toe shoes to cover skin

Find more prevention tips and information on West Nile virus at:
Cedar Lake Road Improvement Update
The west side of Cedar Lake Road has been paved and traffic has been moved over to the new pavement. The recent weather has not stopped the work, and removal of the east side of Cedar Lake Road will continue along with some remaining storm sewer work.

The Forest Preserve work is nearly complete with only minor touch-up landscaping required. While the bike path has been paved through the Forest Preserve, it is still considered closed due to it leading into the Cedar Lake work zone.

For more info, pictures, and to sign up for email updates about this project:

Village Board Approves New Outdoor Seating Ordinance
The Village Board recently approved changes to the Village Code to allow more businesses to take advantage of the summer months and allow for outdoor seating. Previously only restaurants qualified for outdoor seating.

Under the revised code, any business in good standing with the Village, who has a space available that meets the requirements of the code, will be able to obtain an outdoor seating license. Businesses that serve liquor will need to install a 3’ barrier around the outdoor seating area. Businesses will have to close their outdoor seating areas at 10 p.m. and smoking will not be permitted in the outdoor area. The revisions also allow each business to determine if the outdoor area is pet friendly. Previously the only animals allowed in outdoor seating areas were those assisting the disabled.

"Outdoor seating is a great way to draw in more customers and show vibrancy in the Village," Round Lake Director of Economic and Community Development Katie Parkhurst said.
Summertime Tips to Stay Cool
With the warmest months upon us, we are reminding residents to be prepared for the high temperatures. Take measures to stay cool, remain hydrated and to keep informed. Some steps to be prepared and prevent heat-related illnesses include:

  • Stay in an air-conditioned indoor location as much as possible.
  • Drink plenty of fluids even if you don't feel thirsty.
  • Schedule outdoor activities to avoid when the sun is hottest.
  • Take cool showers or baths to cool down.
  • Those who are at highest risk include people 65 and older & children younger than two.
  • Never leave children or pets in cars.
  • If you participate on a sports team that practices during hot weather protect yourself and look out for your teammates.
  • Check the local news for health and safety updates.

Being prepared will ensure that we all have a fun and enjoyable summer.
Help Prevent Storm Water Pollution
Did you know stormwater runoff is one of the most significant, yet unnoticed sources of water pollution? When it rains, stormwater runs over yards, streets, roads, highways, parking lots, parks, and playgrounds, carrying everything in its path, including debris and pollutants. This water eventually flows into storm drains, which don't have any type of water treatment and end up in our streams, lakes, and rivers.
Many stormwater contaminants are made up of common items used by most of us such as fertilizers, car oils and greases, yard clippings, soil, and pet wastes. There are simple and not costly changes that you can make in your daily life that can help to prevent stormwater pollution a nd protect our natural resources in Round Lake:

  • Stormdrains are for rain water only and dumping into it is illegal
  • Recycle used motor oil. Never dump motor oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid or other engine fluids down storm drains, into road gutters, on the ground or into a ditch
  • Take your car to a commercial car wash where the used water is captured, recycled and/or filtered to remove pollutants
  • Cut down on fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides
  • Mulch when you mow & leave grass clippings on lawn to naturally fertilize
  • Pick up after your pet every single time
Door-to-Door Solicitor Rules in Round Lake
Your doorbell rings on a lazy Saturday afternoon. You open your front door and observe a stranger with a smile and a sales pitch. "Hello, I'm with ABC Company, and I'm here to sell you X,Y,and Z!"
Now, what should you do?

First, ask to see their Village of Round Lake Solicitor License. If the person can't show you a current valid license for whatever reason (their "supervisor" has it, they left it in the car, etc.), do not do business with them! Shut the door and report them to the Round Lake Police Department. Round Lake Village Code requires that anyone who wants to go door-to-door, to solicit the sale of goods or services, within Village limits must first obtain a valid license and keep it on them while engaging in their business. See image of a sample permit at left.

Secondly, if they do have a license, make sure you know what that actually means. A valid solicitor license is not an endorsement of the business by the Village! It only means that the company has completed the Village's application process and the individual has passed a limited criminal background investigation. This process does not include a recommendation from the Better Business Bureau. You, as the customer, are still responsible for evaluating the companies that you do business with.

Finally, the Round Lake Police Department recommends some general safety tips: 
  • Never let anyone inside your home that you do not know. 
  • Don't share personal information with anyone.
  • Be cautious on giving out banking information or credit card information to people you don't know.
  • Ask for identification, and a copy of their business license.
  • If you are interested in their products or service, but question whether the deal is a scam, it is wise to re-schedule at a later time. This allows you time to get in touch with the business and confirm that they are an authorized representative, offering a legitimate product.
  • Talk with minor children and remind them that they should never open the door for a stranger, ever.
  • Contact your local law enforcement agency if an unlicensed salesman is operating in your neighborhood. Provide them with as much information as possible, including company name, vehicle and physical descriptions.
  • As always, the buyer should "Beware!"
Tips For Rental Property Owners
Are you a rental property owner or looking to rent your property? The Village would like to remind rental property owners that any unpaid water utility bills are ultimately the owners’ responsibility. To ensure your tenant remains current on their utility bill, please consider the following: 

  • Contact the Village at (847) 546-5400 when a tenant moves in or out of your property to confirm the account is paid in full.
  • Confirm that you, as the property owner, are set up to receive a duplicate copy of your tenants utility bill to verify payments are being made.
  • Provide accurate moving dates.
  • Verify the final bill has been paid prior to returning any security deposits.

If you have any questions, please contact Utility Billing at (847) 546-5400 Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.
Recycling is at risk. And Waste Management needs your help. Waste Management collects hundreds of tons of recycling material every day in communities.
Unfortunately, a higher percentage of non-recyclable materials are being found in the recycling. That often happens by mistake or due to lack of information. Current recycling markets are requiring clean, quality materials with virtually no contamination. With proper education and decision making, we can make a difference and ensure recycling is sustainable for generations to come.

Some of the most common contaminates that are found in the recycling stream include:
  • Plastic bags, which often may be returned to retailers, are NOT accepted in single stream recycling.
  • Pizza boxes, which contain residual grease, cheese or other toppings. Don’t include food-soiled items and liquids – they can turn an entire load of recycling into trash.
  • Bubble wrap and shrink wrap cause damage, down-time and costly repairs to recycling equipment.
  • Electrical cords, string/rope material, rubber and plastic hose, clothing. These items are called “tanglers” and can shut down an entire recycling plant! 
  • Propane tanks, batteries and electronic waste can start fires at the recycling plant.
  • Medical equipment and devices of any kind, such as needles, tubing and gloves. They can cause injury to workers. 

To learn more about recycling, please visit: or check our SWALCO for other recycling options.
Code Enforcement FAQ's
Q) Years ago I remember that the Village required a permit for a garage sale. Do I need a Village permit for a garage sale?
A) In order to better serve the residents, the Village no longer requires a permit to hold a garage sale. The only requirement is that all garage sale signs must be placed on private property and not in the Village right-of-way. If you live in an area with a HOA they may have their own requirements.
Q) I just received a notice to install address numbers on my building. Why are they required?
A) Both the International Fire Code (Sec 505) and the International Property Maintenance Code (Sec 304.3) not only require but specify the location, size and type of numbers/lettering required for building identification. Address numbers shall contrast with their background, shall use Arabic numbers or letters, shall be a minimum of 4” high and a minimum width of ½”. This is so that in an emergency your house or business can be quickly located.
Q) My neighbor has an old rusty pick-up truck parked next to the garage that hasn’t run in years, is that allowed?
A) Village code requires all vehicles that are stored outside to have current registration (license plates) and be operable. Inoperable vehicles, vehicles in a state of disrepair, vehicles being stripped or dismantled and vehicles undergoing major repairs are not allowed and must be removed or placed inside of a garage.
Hidden Water Leaks
If you see water coming out of the ground or find a wet area that doesn’t dry up and doesn’t have a clear source of water, please contact the Public Works Department at
(847) 546-0962. 

Water main leaks can happen at any time of year and can cause thousands of dollars to be wasted in lost water if they go unnoticed for long periods of time. If something looks suspicious, please call and we can verify what’s going on.
Additional News & Updates
Thank you to the Round Lake Area Bicycle Club and all the riders that participated in the Bike with the Mayor and breakfast event on June 23rd. Visit Round Lake Area Bicycle Club on Facebook to learn about other upcoming events.
New Businesses to Round Lake... Village Officials would like to welcome the following businesses to Round Lake:

  • Eggspress Café at 651 Railroad Avenue (New Owner)
  • Rail House Bar & Grill at 415 Railroad Avenue
  • Blue Taco 304 N. Cedar Lake Road (New Owner)
  • Magnum Insurance at 237 N. Cedar Lake Road (Change of Location)

Please be sure to stop in and support our local businesses!!
The Lake County Fair is currently accepting entries for the 2018 Queen Pageants . The Lake County Fair Queen pageant is a scholarship pageant with a significant history in Lake County and the state as a whole. The winner of the Miss Lake County Fair title goes on to represent Lake County at the Illinois State Fair Queen pageant in Springfield, Illinois. Visit Lake County Fair Queen Pageants for more information.
With the above average amount of rain recently, grass seems to be growing very fast. The Village has an ordinance prohibiting grass and weeds in excess of 8 inches. Failure to cut could result in a fine and/or the Village cutting the grass with the costs being the owners responsibility. For more information, please visit the Village of Round Lake Code, Chapter 8.32 – Nuisance Greenery .
Shop for fresh fruits and vegetables while supporting local businesses at the Round Lake Area Farmer's Market. Check out for more info.
Kids ride free on Metra all summer long. Up to three children age 11 and under will be able to ride free with each adult through Labor Day. Click here for more information .
Don't miss the annual 4th of July parade hosted by Avon Township Youth Baseball on Wednesday, July 4th, 2018 at 9:00 AM. The parade route will begin at Hawthorne Rd. in Round Lake Beach to Cedar Lake Road towards Washington St., East on Washington St. towards Hainesville Rd. The parade will conclude at Union Square Park.  
Village offices will be closed on Wednesday July 4th in observance of Independence Day. We wish you a safe, healthy & happy Independence Day.
Village Officials
 Dan MacGillis, Mayor
 Debbie Perlini, Village Clerk
Charlie Foy, Henry Frye Jr., Russell Kraly,
Don Newby, Sanjay Patel, Jake Mandelman