Timeline for Closed Loan Files for
all Freddie Mac loans reserved
´╗┐prior to 1/1/20
Closed loan files must be uploaded to ServiSolutions by 2/28/20 for all Freddie Mac Loans reserved prior to 1/1/20 in order to meet purchase/delivery deadlines under the previous HFA Advantage guidelines.   

These loans have substantial guideline and pricing differences when compared to the current product guidelines Freddie Mac revised for May 2020 deliveries.   

They must be cleared for purchase by 4 p.m. on 3/24/20. Time is of the essence. Please review your pipeline and plan accordingly. 

ServiSolutions will not be able to purchase loans under the old guidelines after 3/24/20.
If you have any questions about this information, please contact Lisa Treece at ltreece@ahfa.com .