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Cook's Youth Ministry exists to develop a new generation of disciples, teaching them to love, worship, and grow in service to others.
Parent Small Group on Sundays
Most of you are aware that we have a parent small group that has been meeting following the 5:30pm service on Sundays. We are 3 weeks into this 5 week series and strongly encourage all parents of youth to attend these final 2 weeks. Hope to see you there!
Chili Cook Off Fundraiser - Dec. 1
It is our third year hosting this fundraiser and we need your help to make this the best year ever! First, we need your help selling tickets! This is a must! We also have several specific needs leading up to and during this fundraiser, so please consider how you can best serve.
Youth Leadership Team - Oct. 21
Our next YLT meeting will be at noon on Sunday, Oct. 21. These meetings are for all youth interested in leadership and want to have a role in leading this youth ministry forward in accomplishing its purpose. I hope your youth will join us!
BBC Study: "Loneliness is felt most intensely by young people."
A recent study by the BBC shows that young people between the ages of 16-24 deal with the feeling of loneliness more than any other age group. What can we do about that as parents? This new ministry started here in Mt. Juliet is seeking to find that answer.
Other Upcoming Dates
October 2 | First Priority
October 3 | CYM MidWeek
October 6 | Fall Fest at Cooks (Please Come!)
October 7 | CYM Groups & Parent Small Group
October 10 | CYM MidWeek
October 14 | CYM Groups & Parent Small Group
October 17 | CYM MidWeek
October 21 | Youth Leadership Team Meeting
October 21 | CYM Groups
October 23 | First Priority
October 24 | CYM MidWeek
October 28 | CYM Groups (Evening Service Official Launch)
October 30 | First Priority
October 31 | Trunk-or-Treat at Grace UMC