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The Role of Community Health Centers

Some Benefits of Integrated Health Care 

This issue is about adding an on-site pharmacy to your facility.  If you would like more information regarding on-site pharmacies,  contact our expert team at JWB. We are here to help!
Adding a Pharmacy to Your Health Center Is Good Medicine
At JWB we have been involved with the design of Community Health Centers for over 20 years. Over these two decades we have seen both Evolution and Revolution in terms of regulation and innovation.
Most of our clients build diagnostic and treatment centers which bill Medicaid and as such is mandated by law to comply with more robust physical plant standards than a private medical practice that does not bill Medicaid.
As government at every level is seeking to drive down the cost of healthcare the focus has shifted to community medicine as a vital link in state healthcare systems.
A more recent philosophical policy supporting the integration of services has led to the co-location of mental health, primary care and dental services "under one roof". A natural off shoot of this has been the addition of on-site pharmacies and more robust laboratory services.
For the most part, our clients align themselves with regional or national pharmacy providers who occupy a designated suite of 600 to 800 square feet within the overall clinic floor plan. For obvious reasons, it is logical to situate the pharmacy off the clinics main entry where it can share a central waiting area with the clinic's intake/reception area.
This is consistent with the natural flow of a medical practice; check-in, assess, treat, prescribe, check-out. In the integrated model, a patient picks up their medication "on the way out" of the medical center.
As the clinic's Architect, we delineate the pharmacy's footprint, its ceiling plan/lighting arrangement, plumbing/electrical/HVAC infrastructure, transaction counter design and the integration of security features such as rolling gates and shutters.

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John W. Baumgarten, RA, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP
Principal & President
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