September 24, 2021
Dear EDGE Community,
The EDGE has always placed the health & safety of our staff, members, program participants and guests as its highest priority. The EDGE has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to reinvent the facilities to allow Vermonters the ability to safely continue to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle in the face of the pandemic. The clubs continue to be a welcomed distraction from the outside world, and we are proud of the role we played to support both the physical and mental health of our community over the last 18 months.
The recent news regarding the Delta variant is certainly weighing heavily on everyone’s mind and we again find ourselves evaluating the best ways to protect our patrons. 
As Vermont’s preeminent wellness and fitness company, keeping our community safe is paramount. For this reason, the EDGE affirmed on August 13, 2021, all eligible EDGE employees must have the COVID-19 vaccination by October 1, 2021. Upon writing this, we are delighted to report that 99% of the existing staff have been fully vaccinated. 
As a further step, we recently polled our members and learned that of the 1,000 people who responded, 97% are fully vaccinated for COVID-19. This is wonderful news showcasing that our EDGE community has embraced the importance of being vaccinated to stay healthy and continue to do the activities they enjoy. Therefore, in keeping with our pledge to do everything we can to create the safest environment for our staff, members, program participants and guests, the EDGE will be instituting the following:
Effective October 18, 2021, all members, guests, patients, and program participants entering an EDGE facility who are eligible (12 years or older) must provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination. 
Beginning on Tuesday, September 28th, our EDGE Team Members will ask you to kindly stop by the desk with your vaccination card to be properly verified (the physical vaccination card or a clear photo of the vaccination card will be accepted). This one-time process should take a few minutes and we will not be storing your vaccination card. Patrons that do not provide proof of vaccination by October 18, 2021, will not be allowed entrance to any EDGE facility until this process has been completed. Should you have a qualifying medical or sincerely held religious exemption, we ask that you submit the request form linked here: Vaccination Exemption Request Form.
In addition, the EDGE will be hosting a free vaccination clinic on Monday September 27th at the 142 West Twin Oaks Terrace, South Burlington location from 4:00pm-6:30pm. Walk-ins are welcome!
It is clear the COVID-19 pandemic is still in our communities, however we have the ability to manage this next phase if we can again “work together”. 
At every turn our EDGE Team has stepped up in amazing ways. The support and follow through of our EDGE Team has been critical in our ability to execute our COVID-19 response plan. Equally important was the pivotal role our members have played in assuring the safest environment possible. Everyone embraced the “we are in this together” frame of mind and took to wiping down equipment at a feverish pace, washing and disinfecting hands, remaining physically distant and when necessary, even wearing a mask while exercising. We could not have done it without your support! This approach has been successful as we have logged over 400,000 visits without an in-club transmission.
On behalf of everyone at the EDGE I truly thank you for your continued understanding, support, and dedication.
Michael Feitelberg
Chief Executive Officer

With Sincerest Gratitude,

Michael Feitelberg
Chief Executive Officer
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