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Churches across our denomination are uniting in a day of Lament, Fasting, and Prayer for our nation this coming Monday.

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Members of Session will participate in a webinar to explore a biblical and congregational responses to racial injustice.

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When Will the Sanctuary
be Available for Worship?
Today, Allegheny County enters the Green Phase of the Governor's plan to re-open Pennsylvania. In the Green Phase, CDC and PA Department of Health Guidelines are still in place . The guidelines address things like sanitizing surfaces, hand sanitizing stations, and the use of social distancing and masks. (Masks are advised when social distancing is not possible indoors).

The Elders have had extended conversations about how to resume in-person worship. The next phase of worship during COVID will:

  1. Open the doors to those who are ready to return, and
  2. Offer a live broadcast of the service to those who remain at home.

Elders have prepared a sanctuary seating plan. The seating plan is based on social distancing guidelines. Depending on household size (singles, couples, families) we have 34-51 seating zones. Seating zones are for people in the same household.

The Elders ask that each household respond to a survey about your readiness to attend in-person worship. Before you take the survey, you need to know:

  • The Cafe, Sunday School, Childcare, and Worship Specials for children will not be offered this summer.
  • Bus service from St. Barnabas Village will not be offered this summer.
  • Wear comfortable, washable clothing. Our air-conditioner needs to be replaced and is not operating well.

  • Worship will be offered at 10 AM and it will be broadcast live to our website for people who remain at home. The camera is the final piece of equipment to be delivered.

  • As you approach the building, wear a mask and use the hand sanitizing stations along the sidewalk. If you forget your mask, one will be offered to anyone two years and older.
  • As you enter the building, maintain social distance.There will be not be an opportunity to gather and talk while indoors.
  • You will be guided to a seat.
  • Overflow seating will be ready in Fellowship Hall if the sanctuary is filled. All latecomers will be directed to this area. The service will be broadcast to a large screen.

  • As we gather, music will be offered to prepare your soul for worship.
  • After everyone is in their seats, worship will begin. Masks may be released because seating zones are 6 ft apart. This is optional.
  • If you leave your seat for any reason, please wear your mask.
  • Worship will be shorter in length. This will benefit families with young children. It also reduces the amount of time we occupy a room without an air-circulation system.
  • You will be dismissed from your pews after the benediction. This will maintain social distancing in the building.

  • Practice COVID hygiene during the week. If you have any symptoms of a cold or have a temperature, please stay at home. If you are in a high risk category, please realize your risk if you choose to attend in person. If you have young children, we encourage you to try to worship as a family. If that becomes a struggle, the live broadcast may be the way to go.
Is there a date in mind? There isn't a date. When cleaning supplies, hand sanitizing stations, and the broadcast capabilities are in place, our opening will be announced.

The desire is to start live worship and the live broadcast on the same Sunday.

We want everyone to be included in this new start.
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Re-Opening the Church: When and How
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