Pool Update 6.20.20
In our June 12 th email blast, we informed you that opening day for the pools is scheduled for June 27 th . As we plan to open, we are reminding our members once again of the social distancing guidelines to be followed. These guidelines are intended to better protect all of us. We are committed to making personal health and safety our top priority.

Our Comprehensive Pool Opening Plan outlines daily operating procedures which has been created in cooperation with the Interim Guidance for Pools from New York State and direction of the Westchester Department of Health. The information below includes but is not limited to what restrictions apply. Detail is given in some cases. Changes may occur based on alterations to the New York State, County and Local orders as they would apply to Lake Isle: 
  • Pool Season: Saturday June 27th – Monday, September 7th (weather permitting)

  • 50% of maximum occupancy throughout the pool facility including restrooms

  • Based on the 50% maximum occupancy, it’s the total number of members enrolled that determines the threshold of possible multiple sessions each day. At this time our total enrollment allows for all members to enter daily without any restrictions. Should it be necessary to have multiple sessions, an example would be as follows:

  • Session 1: 10am-2:30pm

  • Session 2: 3:30pm-8pm

The member breakdown for admission would be as follows:

  • Members Last Names A-M on even days have Session 1, on odd days have Session 2
  • Members Last Names N-Z on odd days have Session 1, on even days have Session 2

  • ALL members MUST have their ID card to enter. No temporary passes. No exceptions. Scanning cards is mandated by the State and County for the purpose of a contact tracing tool.

  • Our daily/guest window for non-members use is not expected to be open at this time. 

  • A mask is required (over age 2) at any time you are closer than 6’ from someone else unless with members of the same household or family unit. Masks are required to enter the pool facility, use restrooms, going to the snack bar or entering any office but NOT required when entering the water or in the pools.

  • Maintain 6’ of social distance both in water and out unless with members of the same household or family unit. A mask is NOT required when entering water or in the pools.

  • If you are sick, experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have been recently exposed to someone who has tested for COVID-19, please stay home.

  • Refer to all posted signs at the front gate, on bulletin boards, at any points of entry and at any other areas; adhere to all ground markings as well.

  • In addition to our normal course of cleaning and sanitizing, all touch points will be treated in greater frequency. Members are encouraged to practice good hygiene by washing hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds. Hand sanitizer is an alternative option.

  • Staff will be designated to monitor and offer reminders of social distancing. Limited access may occur at any time if it is determined that social distancing is not readily achievable in a particular area.

  • PA announcements will be made regularly for reminders of social distancing.

  • Do not share masks, goggles, floats, kickboards, etc.

  • Lap lanes will be limited to one swimmer per lap lane except if with members of the same household or family unit.

  • Indoor showers will be closed; outdoor showers available by the pool office.

  • Water fountains will not be available.

  • Lounge chairs and regular chairs will not be available. Please bring your own. A limited number of tables and chairs will be available at the adult pool which will be sanitized regularly. 

  • No ball playing of any type on the pool deck or in the pool.

  • Water basketball and ping pong will not be available at this time.

  • Kiddie pool playground will not be available at this time.

  • All organized programs and activities have been canceled including but not limited to early bird swim, teen pool parties, rubber ducky day, water aerobics, swim team, late night swim on Fridays, swim lessons and all town camps.

  • The designated smoking area at south lawn (northwest most corner adjacent to the diving pool) will not be available.

  • Eating areas will be open but with a usage limit of 20 minutes (eating is permitted in designated eating areas only and tables here will be sanitized regularly).

  • Food concessions and vending will be available. All areas will be frequently sanitized.
The date of June 27 th has been our scheduled date of opening full-time all along. In light of these guidelines and restrictions, we are making the following provisions available for our members to consider and decide what is best for you:

  • If you have already registered for a pool only membership and would like to request a REFUND, you have this option UNTIL June 26th. Your request is to be made in writing and dropped off to our membership office BY June 26th.

  • Once registered you will get to try things out, on the week of June 27th through July 3rd. A CREDIT request of the actual pool membership chosen towards the 2021 season can be made if your preference is not to continue through the summer season. This CREDIT request is to be made in writing and dropped off to our membership office BY July 3rd.

  • If no action is taken prior to July 4th, your membership will continue through to the end of the season.

Our membership office hours are 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and 10am-4pm on weekends.

If you have any questions, visit us at www.lakeislecountryclub.com or call us (914) 961-3453. As an added bonus, the early registration discount date for certain resident pool memberships continues through June 30th.

We want you to enjoy your time at Lake Isle Country Club. Our objective is to keep you healthy and happy and ask that you partner with us on what we have outlined.

Looking forward to seeing you next week!

The Staff at Lake Isle Country Club
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