We hope you've been enjoying this Summer as much as we have! We have been busy decorating, but there is still so much we aim to accomplish in our new space, including construction that is not yet completed. Our Anniversary Celebration & Sweet Case Project will be moved to November 7th to give us more time to finish the office and collect the necessary items we need to make our event a great success.

We are looking at this next chapter ahead as an opportunity for us to grow and continue making a meaningful impact among women and families in our community, helping others achieve their dreams and create financial balance, just as we strive to help you do, too.

By connecting us with those in your circle, you are sharing the mission behind the CURO brand, creating opportunities for us to better serve your needs and interests in the future.
You may want to keep the secret of our service to yourself, but we hope you won't!

Let us know of someone you think would be a good fit for CURO and how we can help. We are looking forward to hearing from you and sharing our mission with those you care about most.

We are never too busy to see if we can take care of someone you care about.

MARKET COMMENTARY: Positive July for US Markets
Markets had a solid start to the third quarter, with all three major U.S. indices showing gains for July. The S&P 500 returned 1.44 percent during the month, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose by 1.12 percent, and the Nasdaq Composite gained 2.15 percent.

This positive performance was supported by better-than-expected earnings results. According to Bloomberg Intelligence, companies in the S&P 500 have been outperforming analyst estimates for the second quarter. As of July 31, with 60 percent of companies reporting, year-over-year earnings growth sits at 0.8 percent for the quarter. This result is much stronger than the 2.2 percent decline that was forecast at the start of earnings season in mid-July. Ultimately, fundamentals drive long-term market performance, so this positive surprise for the second quarter is encouraging.

A Step by Step Guide for Executors
What You Need to Know
This guide intends to help you in your role as executor of an estate. It explains the process and offers advice for getting organized and putting a plan in place to settle the estate as effectively and efficiently as possible.
Accepting an executor appointment
The role of executor may involve a lot of time and administrative work. Know that you are not legally obligated to accept the job. If you cannot fulfill this responsibility, the court will contact an alternate executor, if named by the decedent, or appoint one.
Locating the will
The first step in the process is locating the decedent’s will. Most likely, his or her family or attorney has the original. Once you find it, make a copy and store the original in a safe place until it can be filed with the probate court. Generally, a will is valid if it is in writing and has been signed and dated by the person who created it and by witnesses.
Reading the will
Prior to meeting with an attorney, review the will and look for language that identifies:
·     How taxes and administration expenses will be paid
·     Whether assets from a trust will “pour” into and become part of the estate
·     The beneficiaries
·     Specific bequests
·     How to handle digital assets
Getting started with probate... What is probate?
Don't Wait to Ask Your Aging Parents These Important Questions
It's human nature to put off complicated or emotionally heavy tasks. Talking with aging parents about their finances, health, and overall well-being might fall in this category. Many adult children would rather avoid this task, as it can create feelings of fear and loss on both sides. But this conversation — what could be the first of many — is too important to put off for long. The best time to start is when your parents are relatively healthy. Otherwise, you may find yourself making critical decisions on their behalf in the midst of a crisis without a roadmap.

Here are some questions to ask them that might help you get started.

  • What institutions hold your financial assets? Ask your parents to create a list of their bank, brokerage, and retirement accounts, including account numbers, name(s) on accounts, and online usernames and passwords, if any. You should also know where to find their insurance policies (life, home, auto, disability, long-term care), Social Security cards, titles to their house and vehicles, outstanding loan documents, and past tax returns. If your parents have a safe-deposit box or home safe, make sure you can access the key or combination.

  • Are your beneficiary designations up-to-date? Beneficiary designations on your parents' insurance policies, pensions, IRAs, and investment accounts will trump any instructions in their will.

  • What health insurance do you have? In addition to Medicare, which starts at age 65, find out if your parents have or should consider Medigap insurance — a private policy that covers many costs not covered by Medicare. You may also want to discuss the need for long-term care insurance, which helps pay for extended custodial or nursing home care.

  • Is there anything I can do now to make your home more comfortable and safe? This might include smaller projects such as installing handrails and night lights in the bathroom, to larger projects such as moving the washing machine out of the basement, installing a stair lift, or moving a bedroom to the first floor.

Children in Foster Care Still Need Your Help
As we prepare for our Open House Celebration and Build-A-Sweet Case Project on November 7th, we are still in need of items to include in each duffle bag.

We've got the bags and basics, but we NEED YOUR HELP with a few extra feel good items. Please consider sending a donation of new toys, books, night lights, hygiene items and more through our Amazon Wish List or bring into the office on your next visit. Thank you for your help and supporting our community and this worthy cause.
" Call Me Crazy " One Mom's Tale of Road-Tripping with Toddlers This Summer

Our own Samantha Logue shares her story of adventure, while on the road to Nashville with her husband and her two young boys, in the latest post to The Balance Blog.
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