Rabbi Arnowitz Installation
Sunday, December 8, 2019
Dear Parents,
In just a few weeks we will join together to celebrate the installation of our new Senior Rabbi, Rabbi Jeffrey Arnowitz. This is a very exciting time for our congregation and I am hoping that all our Religious School families will join us in the festivities. 

In order to ensure the entire morning runs smoothly, I would like to share with our Religious School population specific details for our families.

1)Will there be Religious School?  Religious School will begin at 10:00 am with students going directly to their classrooms.
2)What is the schedule for the day?  The ceremony officially begins at 10:30 am. Parents may go directly to the sanctuary following Religious School drop off at 10:00 am. 
3)Will Religious School children attend the formal installation of Rabbi Arnowitz?  We strongly encourage Religious School children attend school and join their family for the culmination of the 613 Mitzvot Project at 11:30 am. The installation part of the ceremony which begins at 10:30 am is geared towards adults.
4)If I am at the installation in the sanctuary, how will I pick up my child(ren) from Religious School in their classroom?  At 11:30 am Religious School families who are participating in the installation will go to their child’s classroom(s) to pick up their child(ren) and return to the sanctuary.
5)Do I need to attend the installation with my child(ren)?  This event is a celebration of WJC, our new Senior Rabbi and our members. All Religious School children should attend this event with a family member or another grownup who is attending the festivities. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

6)What is happening at 11:45 am when I pick up my child(ren) and return to the sanctuary?  At 11:45 am the congregation will join together to celebrate the culmination of the 613 Mitzvot project . Children will be encouraged to participate in this part of the program. 

7)If I am not able to come to the installation what time is dismissal for my child(ren)? Where will I go to pick up my child(ren)?  All Religious School child(ren) whose family is not attending the installation will be dismissed from the upstairs entrance promptly at 11:45 am. We will have additional security throughout the building including this entrance. Students will wait inside the building and parents will be directed by WJC staff how to line up via the upper Rockland Avenue Parking Lot entrance. We will dismiss children to their cars similar to our dismissal on other days of Religious School.

8)What if I need to come early to pick up my child(ren) for a sport or other obligation? Where do I go?  Similar to any other Sunday morning of Religious School, we ask you come into the building (using the lower parking lot entrance), show your WJC identification to the security guard and pick up your child(ren) by their classroom.

9)Will there be lunch following the installation?  Yes, following the festivities in the sanctuary the congregation will be invited to join together for lunch and dancing. Please RSVP here to the WJC office to let us know you will be attending.

10)Do I need to let the school know whether or not our family will be attending?  Yes.   In order for us to know which children in each grade will be attending the program at 11:30 am we do ask that you let the Religious School know whether or not your family will be attending. Our Religious School faculty needs to ensure that every child is dismissed in a safe and secure manner and therefore, it is helpful for us to know ahead of time which children will be picked up at 11: 30 am and which children will be dismissed at 11:45 am. Click here to RSVP .

It is my hope that all of your questions have been answered in this email. If not, please feel free to email or call the school office.

I look forward to celebrating this joyful day with all our families.