Seasonal Newsletter
June 20, 2022
Important Reminder
Construction on Fish Lake Beach Property
We appreciate the efforts made by our seasonal campers to beautify and keep their sites tidy. When it comes improvement or enhancement of the site by way of construction, that’s where we need to be involved.

With a campground as big as Fish Lake Beach, if one structure goes up, others look at it as ‘acceptable’ or ‘permitted’ when it actually may not be. Structures that get built, without Fish Lake Beach permission have been known to violate safety codes, encroach on roads or neighboring sites, may not have the necessary plans or permits from the Village of Volo and/or the structure is contrary to standards we have for the campground.

For those reasons, we require seasonal campers to contact Fish Lake Beach to get permission for any construction on the site. A number of structures will need to be taken down as the season goes on so please don’t look at a neighbors handywork and assume it is ok to do the same or similar.

Thank you for understanding.

Fish Lake Beach Management and Owners
For current and accurate seasonal camper information, look to the NEWS SECTION of the Fish Lake Beach website, our Facebook page and Seasonal Group page on Facebook.