April 2, 2020

------ Important request from Ministry of Health -----
Follow this LINK to read an important message from the government with a request for immediate attention from BC’s Veterinarians

To BC Veterinarians;

I am sure I speak for many of us when I reflect back on the last month as one of the most challenging professionally and personally, in my life. The COVID-19 pandemic has created so many changes and so many challenges.

I want to reach out to the BC Veterinary community to thank you for all of your dedication, adaptation, and professionalism over this past month. Daily adjustments to new realities have become the norm, and our profession should be very proud of the role we play in the One Health fabric of our communities. Our perspective and knowledge on health and disease is important, valued, and appreciated. I recognize that there are many personal and professional sacrifices being made every day by many of you, and on behalf of the CVBC Council I want to thank you for those.

As many of you are aware, there have been significant changes at the CVBC, both in the make-up of Council, and at the staff and office level. I would like to reassure all of us as Registrants that the current Council is working hard to navigate through these changes. I am grateful for the extremely talented and dedicated Council and staff that we currently have, and I have every expectation that we will come through these changes stronger and better able to serve the BC public, their animals, and the veterinary community.

On behalf of Council, I want to wish you safe and healthy days ahead, and a hopeful outlook for a return to normal for us all.

Best Regards,

Dr. Josh Waddington
CVBC Council President

CVBC Council:
Ms Lori Charvat – Public Member
Mr Christopher Finding – Public Member
Dr. Doris Leung – Veterinary Member
Dr. Jane Mancell – Veterinary Member
Dr. Michele Martin – Veterinary Member
Mr. Gian Sihota – Public Member
Updates from the CVBC Office:
Please take some time to review the following information:
  1. “Essential Service Providers” vs. “Essential Services”
  2. Mental Health and Wellness support (during these trying times, and always) is available to all CVBC registrants and their families through Homewood Health 
  3. Temporary Changes to BC’s Controlled Prescription Program announced by the College of Pharmacists of BC
  4. FAQ re COVID-19 and Animals developed by a National Working Group (already posted to site)