February 7, 2017
AESA connects members to regional events

Did you know . . .  

. . . You can find regional conferences sponsored by ESAs on the AESA web site?

Each year member ESAs host various regional conferences that could be of general interest to all our members.

The Mid-Atlantic Conference on Personalized Learning is coming up soon. Please see the information below for details and contact the ESA directly to register or obtain more information.  If you would like to have your ESA regional conference featured here, please send a brief description of the conference and the conference brochure or web link to  info@aesa.us .
Important Medicaid Survey Results Now Available
ESA leaders and school superintendents are "overwhelmingly concerned" and "deeply worried" about students in special education programs and those living in poverty if Republican proposals to refinance Medicaid are enacted, according to a new survey by AESA. 
In the report Cutting Medicaid: A Prescription to Hurt the Neediest Kids, close to 1,000 school leaders detailed the educational and economic consequences of a proposed 30 percent cut in Medicaid reimbursements. Republicans have expressed a desire to reduce federal Medicaid spending by distributing funding through a block grant or a per-capita cap, which would shift costs to states.
The survey was administered by AESA,  AASA, and ASBO. Key findings included:
  • Two-thirds of respondents indicated they use Medicaid funds to pay salaries of health care professionals who provide services for students. If a 30 percent cut were to occur, many districts would have to furlough or lay off school personnel who are paid for, in part or mainly through Medicaid reimbursements.
  • The loss of Medicaid funding could result in new local tax levies or requests for higher taxes to subsidize special education programs and health services for students in poverty.
  • Nearly half of respondents said they use Medicaid funds to expand health-related services for students.
The report urges members of Congress "to weigh how children will be impacted by a Medicaid block grant and to reach out to school leaders for specific insights about the importance of their school-based Medicaid programs for students."  
For specific questions about the report, contact Sasha Pudelski, AASA assistant director, policy and advocacy, at spudelski@aasa.org .
Business Partner News

One school's Visible Learning journey

High-quality professional learning goes beyond one-day workshops to create meaningful experiences that improve instruction.  In this white paper, Corwin Publishing shares 10 practices, developed by Hattie, that teachers can use to develop Visible Learners.  

Read how one school achieved outstanding growth in teacher practice through a sustained commitment to the  Visible Learning plus program!

Ignite Passion for Learning & Achievement through Professional Development

AESA Marketplace: Bringing ESAs together
The ESA Marketplace is a place for members to do 
ESA to ESA business. 

You can share successful programs or services or sell services and programs to each other.  There is no charge for member ESA's to utilize the AESA Marketplace.

In the AESA's Marketplace, you'll find ESAs that you can partner with to bring services from an ESA in another state to your customers at home.  

For example:

Hamilton County ESC in Cinninati, OH has developed a Chromebook guide.
Chromebooks are being used in more classrooms than ever before.  Students using our Chromebook Guides learn how to use their new device faster. Featuring step-by-step instructions for everything from powering up and signing on to using apps, sharing documents and using keyboard shortcuts, Chromebook Guides are both a learning and reference tool.  The easy-to-use Guide is a time saver for teachers, a homework aid for parents and most importantly, a self-help resource for students.  
Are you frustrated trying to decide which projects your organization should be pursuing in order to deliver high impact services?  The Southeast Services Cooperative in Rochester, MN offers training on Systematic Problem SolvingĀ® which is a proven process that moves organizations from executing on too many projects and achieving low impact to implementing the vital few projects that will deliver meaningful impact. 
Are you looking for ways to support your schools to become culturally proficient?  The Southeast Regional Resource Center (SERRC) in Juneau, Alaska has the expertise to help!  
These are many other ESA services on the website at the  ESA to ESA Marketplace. We hope you'll check it out. If you have something to place in the Marketplace, please contact us as info@aesa.us