It was 1948, Noel Davis was fresh out of
The Putney (High) School and at 19 decided to do one of his first (so far his very first) major oils. He used himself and his sister Deborah as the models. This 40x50 Framed oil includes a still life on the table with flowers in front of what appears to be paintings or possibly an open window. These are five major components that Rockmore would include throughout his career (Self portraits, family, still life, table with flowers, windows) in his earliest known masterwork which certainly led to the "genius & prodigy" labels.
It is signed Noel Davis 1948.   
This work is being auctioned by Leslie Hindman Auctioneeers at their Chicago Headquarters and they are a Top Shelf Auction House. This work is in Sale 454 - American and European Art THIS THURSDAY September 29 2016 12:00 PM 1338 West Lake Street, Chicago IL 60607. You can contact Lauren if you have questions and we do not know who is selling it. We do know that IT IS THE EARLIEST KNOWN MASTERWORK that would be included in any Rockmore Museum Show. THIS auction also represents Rockmore's first BIG chance in a long time to get major recognition in the Artworld when it does well which helps everyone! 
Compare it to the other Rockmore 10 known major Oils from his early beginnings 1946-1952 when he was aged 17-23 in New York City. Elizabeth Hunter Davis is his first wife.
46- My First Self Portrait
47 - Self Portrait - Noel
49 - Man with clasped hands
51 Elizabeth Hunter Davis
51 Still Life with Skull
52 - Woman with Shell
51 - Woman & Monkey
52 Betty Pregnant
Elizabeth Hunter Davis
51 - Elizabeth Hunter Davis - Wedding Portrait 
51 - Self Portrait

This Charles Richards by Rockmore just sold at Auction for $1159 and that is good news for all of you that purchased similar Rockmores from us on eBay for less. Rockmore values are going up! This other work IS NOT A GLADYS ROCKMORE DAVIS work.   
76 Charles Richards - Sold at Auct. $1159 
This work is being presented at Auction as a Gladys Rockmores Davis work signed GR IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE HER WORK, EVER! 

These two RARE SIGNED Floyd MacMillan Davis Artworks Lot #62 & #63 are being auctioned by SOUTH BAY AUCTIONS, INC. - Saturday, October 1st, 2016 - Auction begins at Noon at the East Moriches Gallery - Absentee and Phone bidding may be arranged by  Phone: 631-878-2909 or E-Mail: 

We hope this finds you doing well and for those impacted by the Louisiana Flood of 2016 a long 45 days ago, we hope things are getting better. We are headed down to Louisiana next week to visit impacted family & friends and to resume our Rockmore activities. This includes delivering Rockmores and repairing folks flood damaged Rockmores and also picking up brand new Rockmore consignments. We will then go to Naples Florida to visit our daughter Mary Shaw, her husband Josh and our brand new granddaughter Frances Lanier Shaw "Frankie" 8.3 lbs., 21 inches, born at 7:11PM last night on 9/27/2016. We will then make art deliveries & pickups and have Rockmore meetings all along the East Coast including a visit with Andrea Lannin's brother. We will deliver a pastel portrait she did of their nanny, Jessie, that she requested we frame and deliver to him upon her passing. Of course, we will do some major visiting with Shirley Marvin and we will check in on Gypsy Lou Webb and our many Rockmore friends throughout the south. We are excited to see family friends and slightly anxious about seeing the devastation with family in person. 

Thank You for all of our Rockmore friends and family who have already contributed $5362 to Tee's family GoFundMe -The Abadie Family Louisiana Flood Fund - we are overwhelmed. We have discovered something on The Rockmore Trail; that many of the folks that we have interacted with over 10 years have become our new extended family. So much so, that when our personal family goes into crisis, our extended Rockmore family is there. This is the greatest unexpected gift of our entire journey and we say to - Jim & Barbara Woike, Ellen & Bruce Cameron, John & Doris Babcock, Ingrid Rose, Sandy & Arnold Leibowitz, Yvonne Murray, Brandon Foster & John Bartenstein, Joseph Haeick, Kathryn, Tom & Strefan Fauble, Paul & Fran Harris, Chris & Pepper Ellis-hagebak, The Borenstein Family, Richard & Vivian Cahn, Ellen Steigman and Sylvia Otto.   

"WE FEEL THE LOVE & Thank You all!"
Shirley, Rich & Tee Marvin

Shout outs to our Rockmore friends that came to Shirley's dental & housing rescue with their donations or purchases of a few of Shirley's remaining Rockmore including John & Doris Babcock, Yvonne Murray, Drew Bevolo, John Bartenstein & Brandon Foster, Andy Antippas of Barristers Gallery. We love all you guys.

Proceeds from the Sale of These Final 8 works go direct to Shirley Marvin. If you buy one of Shirley's works below, any of the less expensive ones you choose to buy will be 1/2 price. Personal delivery by the Marvins to your home in continental US will then occur within 1 month of payment. Send us an email if you are interested - sales finalized by this Friday, September 30th.
$1500 1991 "Party Favors" - Icee Machine - 32x40x3 Found Art
$1000 1994 - Cloud & Ocean  - Collage 26x20
$1000 1979 Mother Cabrini 26x20 Silks Ed. 14 of 90
$1500 1960 Still Life of Bottles - 11x18 1st Monotype on Paper - New Orleans
$1500 1991 DWI -18x12x5 Found Art Collage
$1000 1991 Dear Eva - Cocoa Puffs 22x30x3 Found Art
$1000 1991 "Ash Wednesday 8 - Laser" - 22x30x3 Found Art
$1000 1991 Happy Acres Farm  - 32x40x3 Found Art
Tee's family GoFundMe -The Abadie Family Louisiana Flood Fund  

Tee (Theresa Abadie) & Rich Marvin
have put together this GoFundMe dedicated to all of Our Abadie Family in Louisiana that has endured devastation in the Louisiana Flood of 2016. The Good News is that all are alive and safe including Rich's mom & sister. The Sad News is that many in Tee's family (shown in the 1989 top photo) have lost their lifetime homes & possessions. Our daughter Macy Molliere and our son Tory Abadie escaped major damage in their own homes so far and have become our helping connection to our entire extended family, many of whom have lost everything.

After AT&T went down last Saturday, the only way to communicate with our family has been by FaceBook. We watched them "live" doing the sandbags, preparing and packing, trying to take care of loved ones and animals, pictures and heirlooms and fighting to survive. Tee's family has a closeness that comes from growing up in Ascension Parish and being a part of it for generations. The Abadie Family was able to get all of our people to safety as the waters rose and it became evident that over 100,000 people were going to lose their homes.
We experienced the panic and horror "live" with each call that came in and said, "We lost everything but we are OK, we are going to this persons house for now." Our son Tory & Candy and their 4 kids had just finished 5 months housing Candy's parents, Tom & Lois, who had already lost everything in another flood 5 months ago. Tom & Lois were completely moved in Thursday night for their first night in their rebuilt home with new appliances, furniture, clothes, etc. The next day after 30 inches of rain, the waters rushed in and they evacuated to Tory's. The very next day after that, they started rebuilding all over again with Tory leading the charge and not flinching. We are so proud of Tory & Candy and inspired by Lois & Tom - below with Tom & Lois's House.

It was equally hard for Macy & husband Bodie Molliere in Ascension Parish at ground zero. With help from Macy's Facebook network, they not only monitored Tee's family but also Bodie's family as they were in the midst of losing home after home, everything. Think about that, you have lost everything you own, you are in a shelter or someone else's house and you are trying to make a life plan. Bodie & Macy, we are so proud of you and how you have stepped up and taken care of our family, you are awesome!

Tee's brother Kenny & wife Stephanie, have worked every single day of their lives in a plant and a bank to build a beautiful home to raise their 3 kids. We watched each expansion as they built this dream home for retiring soon. It's all gone, it became the poster home for the news in flood devastation. Over and over again we all have to see this image in what feels like a recurring kick to the gut. Kenny & Stephanie will NEVER ask for help in any way from anyone, all of Tee's family is like that. They are the helpers and givers, "Ya'll help someone else who needs it more, is what they all will say." This time we will ignore them.

Many of our nieces & nephews, who worked their tails off, building their first homes and raising their kids, lost everything as we watched it live. Brooke & Austin, Dustie & Shawn, Casey, Jada & Glen with their son Merce (the rising family Superstar of Dance) and the list goes on. Bodie's sister Cherice & husband Jeremiah have blended their families with a total of 6 kids, and at least 9 animals at home. We have watched them move many times, each time "moving on up" with hard work and dedication. They spent all Friday & Saturday rescuing people and then the water rose and it was their turn to leave by boat with just their kids and not even the pets. Imagine that, arriving by boat on high ground with 6 kids, no resources, no place to go and your cherished family pets at home with the water rising. They live paycheck to paycheck as 90% of the population does, they can not handle a $1000 setback, now imagine this. They caught a boat ride back to save the pets the next day and they have moved 4 times in the last 4 days with pets & kids. THEY ALL NEED YOUR HELP!

This Go Fund Me will send Gift Cards (Walmart, Home Depot), clothes, supplies and money to all of Tee's impacted family even though they would NEVER ever ask for it! Tory & Macy will let us of know of everyone's needs and we will do the best that we can with whatever we raise. Sometimes, just knowing other people care about your situation with even the smallest Gift can help restore your soul! Please donate anything no matter how small and we will share what it goes for and who gets help as it happens. It's not the size of the donation; it's the fact that you did it. We will keep you posted!

Thank you for being a big part of our family and Louisiana's recovery!

Love Rich & Tee Marvin on behalf of Our Abadie family


Tee's family GoFundMe -The Abadie Family Louisiana Flood Fund

The pictures below are not family and were Facebook saves - apologies to all of the folks that took them. They are great picts!
Rockmore Shows Update!
Our sponsorship opportunities are listed below and include DOUBLE TICKETS as listed ( until we announce that first show date - then tickets are $100 each), a work of art, our Show catalog and books. The VIP Tickets will include at least 3 scheduled party events with food, drinks & music, gifts, a lecture event, a private walk through and running around with the group for a whole weekend as we have done at all our other shows.  If you are interested in our VIP Levels and want to see the Art Rewards that are currently available not on this eBay just send us an email.

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