ln the world of printed music, musicians read notes which tell them, what tones to play or sing and the duration of that tone. There is one musical notation that is signified with a "G.P.".
 It's called a "Grand Pause" because all the music stops for a short period of time before the conductor signals to move on to the next passage.  Huh!   never in my wildest dreams would I have
thought that the "Grand Pause" could play such a major role In the Rounders' music and season as it has in 2020!  Our Rounders have always loved repeats and first endings in the music we play. The "Grand Pause" has no place in our rehearsal hall or season. It's time to move on to the next note.

But...it ain't over yet...

The Creative Staff and Board of Directors have voted to cancel the spring season of 2021 until the fall.

After hours of discussion, planning and weighing the facts, it was obvious that our band of 400 could not effectively operate under current conditions and restrictions. With the entire band vulnerable in varying degrees we did not want to create  toxic situation that might put any member in harm's way. Frankly, current rules make it impossible for us to even meet, much less practice.

This spring, there are no parades or events that absolutely are going o happen. Everyone is in a wait and see attitude. For us, it has become obvious that conditions will not be right for us to begin in January. We, along with the world are victims of circumstance.

So....As Tim will tell you,  everything from here on will be preparing for the fall season and IRELAND in 2022.  There will be some Irish music additions, but SAVE ALL YOUR MUSIC from 2019 AND YOUR MACY'S UNIFORM.

The Rounders are alive and well. We just can't practice or perform. With 400 individuals answering "yes" to the Ireland survey, our time in 2021  and '22 will soon come!

Stay safe, and we'll see each other soon!

Hey Folks: Tim Holly here.
 Like all of you I am sorely disappointed at the need to cancel the Spring 2021 season. Performing with the Rounders has become an integral part of my life, so there is a huge void, which I know all of you feel. But, the decision is the correct one that is confirmed every time I turn on the news.
However---there is hope for all of us!! 
The Emerald Isle Awaits!!
Objective Ireland –Dublin 2022!!
Everything the Rounders will be doing from now until March of 2022 is in preparation for this trip of a lifetime. Your Blarneys on the trip committee, and our partners in Ireland, Celtic Horizon Tours, have been working diligently to set this up. Just moments ago, I was on the phone with one of the principals at Celtic on trip detail and they could not be more excited to welcome us. Look for announcements in early November with further trip information and FAQ.
Your Rounders are in great Shape and we are planning a superb Future!
I thought you might enjoy the attached letter from the Lord Mayor of Dublin: