July 24, 2019
Dear Parishioners and School families,

I was saddened by the recent announcement that our beloved teacher and Principal, Nikki Giel, has taken a new position at another one of our excellent Catholic schools. Nikki has been a long time member of the Presentation family and we offer our gratitude and prayerful support as she begins a new chapter in educational leadership.

With the assistance of the Archdiocesan Office of Mission and Catholic Education, a representative selection committee will be formed to begin the search for a new principal.

For seventy years, Presentation of Mary Catholic School has been an integral part of the parish community. The financial sacrifices have been challenging, but the investment in thousands of lives has been returned in immeasurable ways. Thanks be to God.

Since 2013 and the untimely departure of a long-serving pastor, there has been, frankly, a revolving door of priests, parish administrators and principals. Who would have thought that after five years in residence in the parish rectory, I would be the stable one?

Actually, the parish and school have a long history of stable and dedicated lay leadership that continues to this day. They have had the sometimes thankless task of sailing through turbulent changes.

I am grateful for the leadership of the trustees, Michelle Ott and Jim Miettunen. My gratitude, as well, for the members of the Finance and Pastoral Councils. I have been privileged to work with Robb Boros, Chair, and the members of the School Advisory Commission. They represent well the gifts and commitment of our school parents. The parish and the school are in good hands. 

With Father Peter Ly’s leadership and pastoral zeal, the small but hardworking parish staff will continue to serve well the mission of the Church.

Recently, I received the news of an historic collaboration of three foundations to support and strengthen Catholic schools. As a board member for the Catholic Community Foundation, this partnership with the GHR Foundation and the Healey Education Foundation is a Godsend for our Catholic schools.

I am very pleased to announce that our school has been selected to be in a cohort of schools that is part of this remarkable effort. With the continued resources from the Catholic School Center for Excellence, our school will continue its tradition of excellence in education, but with less of a burden on the parish.

Along with Father Peter Ly, I will be hosting an information and listening session for parish and school leadership on Tuesday, August 13, 7pm in Kenney Hall. I extend an invitation to all interested parishioners and school families.

I hope you have received this lengthy communication as good news indeed for the parish and our most excellent school.

Please know of my continued prayers, support and blessings.

In Christ Jesus,

Fr. Charlie Lachowitzer, Canonical Administrator Presentation of Mary Catholic School