A lot has changed already since we last updated you and we have been monitoring the changes to figure out the best plan moving forward.

Today will be the last day of classes until April 30th. We will assess the situation as it evolves.

But we will still be here for you.

Starting Monday, March 23rd, we will begin offering classes online so you can continue to practice with your favorite instructors from the comfort of your home. We will be adding new classes to the online schedule and hope that it will allow you to practice with instructors you've never tried before.

Our practice is where we find peace, balance and wellness which we need now more than ever. As many of us are encouraged or required to stay home, we feel this new approach will be a wonderful option for staying connected, active and centered.

Additionally, many of our instructors will be offering private sessions either in-person at the studio or virtually. Email totalbeingyoga@gmail.com to inquire.

We will have some pre-recorded classes as well as live classes. Anyone who currently has a package with TBY can apply that package to these classes. You will need to pre-register for all online classes which will provide you with an instructional email on how to join. More details about the online classes will be sent out on Sunday.

This will likely not be without glitches as we adjust to these changes, so please bear with us!

We will provide updates about Silver Sneakers and Renew Active programs as we work with each individual program to figure out a solution and determine a plan moving forward.

This has been a difficult, sad and scary decision to make but we are grateful to have each other as we navigate through this unprecedented and ever-changing time. We are looking forward to connecting with our community in a new way, and know that we will rejoin in the studio stronger than ever.

Additionally, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything. Our community is full of individuals who are willing and able to help however you may need. If you need help or support with running errands, access to food or supplies, reach out to us and we will provide support however we can.

We are in this together.
Props and mats available for purchase! Make sure you have everything you need to practice from home.

Email us to pre-order and pick up from the studio tomorrow, Wednesday 3/18 from 4-6pm or by appointment. Cash or check only. Limit is one per person.

Blankets - $10
Straps - $5
Yoga TuneUp Balls - $10
Used BMats - $30
Blocks - $10
Bolsters - $20
New BMats - 50% off

Recommendations for cleaning props and mats:
Blankets and straps can be washed with hot water and laundry detergent. We do not recommend washing blankets at the same time as other laundry to avoid lint.

After use, blocks and straps can be cleaned with sanitizing wipes recommended by the CDC.

We suggest using a pillowcase over bolsters for additional protection.

Visit www.tuneupfitness.com to learn how to properly clean Yoga TuneUp balls and visit www.byoganow.com to learn how to properly clean your BMat.
We wish you an abundance of health and peace during this time and thank you for your continued support.