The Episcopal Church in Delaware
236th Annual Convention
Friday - Sunday
November 20 - 22, 2020
Important Tasks and Deadlines
Annual Convention, beginning November 20, 2020, may still feel like it is a long way off but there are a number of important deadlines that are much closer and which need to be met. View details by clicking on the button below:

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  • Learn about new guidelines, certification, voting process, deadlines, and important dates.
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Meet the Convention Support Team!
D-L Casson
Secretary of Convention
Joseph Davison
Assistant to the
Secretary of Convention
Toni Snow
Event Manager
of Convention
Registration to attend Convention
Registration to attend convention will open September 21. Please note that convention registration is a separate process from Certification of Delegation. All information can be found in the Call to Convention.
Issue date: August 20, 2020