Gulf Breeze School of Music
March 28, 2020
Parents and Students,
What a week this has been! We are all adjusting to isolation and to online lessons! It was great to see everyone on Zoom this week! Thank you all for your patience as we’ve worked diligently to bring you lessons in the safety of your home! During this time, we have some more resources for you that are FREE and FUN!


Everyone can test for
Musical Ladder in April !
That’s right! Regardless of where you are in the testing schedule, EVERY student is eligible to test this month! In addition to their wristband (and trophy if eligible) for their level achieved, EVERY STUDENT WHO TESTS WILL RECEIVE A SPECIAL HOPE MLS WRISTBAND DELIVERED TO THEIR DOOR!
We’re also having a
30 Day Practice Challenge !
If parents can report to their instructor during their ZOOM lesson that they are practicing 4-5 times per week, next 30 days, STUDENTS WILL RECEIVE ONE OF OUR LIMITED EDITION “PRACTICE CHAMP” WRISTBANDS! DELIVERED TO THEM!
Cabin Fever Busters
for all students!
If you haven’t joined this private facebook group, join today!
This page features LIVE music classes daily from master teachers around the country. Your students will love the content—anywhere from preschool classes, to guitar clinics, Ukulele, piano, and other fun activities for students to watch and interact with. Every day there are usually 3 new classes added, so you can always go back and look at classes posted earlier in the week/month.
A Few Reminders...
  • Save your classroom link to your desktop or copy it into your address book. If it stays in an email, it will be hard to find or may be deleted.
  • Customer care at this time is our top priority. You and your families well being is paramount to us. Please contact us if there is anything we can do to help make it easier! We miss seeing you all.

Let’s make the most of this time with music!

Rachael Richter
Rachel Shay
Very Important!
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