We are pleased to announce that a Transition Team has been established to help our new rector become acquainted with parishioners and the surrounding community.  Here are the members and their contact information:

Meredith Hardy         mlh8108@gmail.com                                 760-861-8644
Lorraine Becker        drllbeckerconnectthedots@gmail.com       760-671-6378
Gary Gleason           garygleason17@gmail.com                        612-819-4279

We know that you are all very eager to help Fr. Andrew become a part of the community. His August 1 start date is designed to assure he can dedicate the month of June to farewells and wrapping up at his current parish. He will be moving here in late July.

Between now and his arrival, please send all your ideas for welcoming Fr. Andrew to the Transition Team. We want to respect his priorities for June and July by not peppering him directly with communications.

The Transition Team will assure that Fr. Andrew receives orientation information about the community. His connection to church ministries will begin August 1, as he becomes engaged with staff and ministry leaders. It is premature now to invite him to participate in Zoom meetings or other conversations.

With the Transition Team in place, we can be sure a St. Margaret's-style welcome will be coordinated and assured.
Yours in Christ's Love,
    Jan Romerdahl,                        Chris Davidson,
    Senior Warden                          Junior Warden
47535 State Hwy. 74
Palm Desert, CA 92260
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