Dear Mercy Family, 

We hope this letter finds you and your loved ones well. We are in a time that demands a great deal of flexibility, and we are proud of the resilience shown by our students, faculty and staff for a successful first week of Mercy digital learning. We remain grateful for your support and partnership in helping our Mercy students successfully make this transition.

In planning for the likely possibility of a further extended school closure, we assure you that we will continue to offer a high quality online learning program for the remainder of this school year if necessary. We will make adjustments to the program and calendar as needed to best serve our students.

Through the dedication of our highly qualified Mercy faculty and staff, we have a robust E-LEARNING model in place that allows our students to fulfill academic requirements and enrichment courses. As a private, Catholic school we are fortunate to be able to provide for continuity of student academic, spiritual and emotional growth in support of developing the whole young woman.

We recognize there are adjustments needed by both students and teachers for a digital learning model. We are working hard to facilitate a successful experience. The administrative team meets weekly with department chairs, the counseling team, the tech support team and our learning support specialists as we closely monitor policy adjustments that may eventually be necessary. Our counseling team surveys students weekly to assess overall student wellbeing and course workload. Please look for a parent survey early next week as we value your perspective on how we may best support your student during this COVID-19 crisis.

You remain in our thoughts and prayers as we tackle this challenge together.

In Mercy,
Mercy Administrative Team