Greetings –

I’m happy to share with you this Basic Needs Giving Partnership update from Greg Vandenberg. Note: You are receiving this because you are on the POINT Initiative distribution list. 

While my personal role will be shifting, I’m excited to say that the POINT work (convening, action groups, networking) will continue under the Basic Needs Giving Partnership as will our continued partnership with the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region and the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation. 

While POINT newsletters have been less frequent since COVID, I look forward to communicating with you more regularly in the coming months. And am very grateful to the organizations and individuals who have continued to work in close partnership with us over the last two years – particularly the Community Alliance for Trauma Informed Care, the POINT Jobs Action Group and the Greater Fox Valley Childcare Alliance. 

Lynn Coriano

Executive Director

Hello Friends,

U.S. Venture, along with the community foundations in the Fox Valley, Greater Green Bay and Greater Oshkosh region, are proud of our 14-year history of collaboration with funding partners in the Basic Needs Giving Partnership including the creation of the POINT poverty initiative. This unique partnership and collaboration is responsible for more than $49 million in grantmaking impacting the lives of individuals and families across Northeast Wisconsin.

Our vision is to build thriving, equitable communities across Northeast Wisconsin by building on our impactful grantmaking and becoming a central hub for regional collaboration, advocacy, strategic communications, and creating places and spaces for advancing learning and the voices of those we serve.

Beginning in 2023, the Basic Needs Giving Partnership will leverage its collective impact, voice, and experience by centralizing and coordinating all initiatives and activities under a single regional organization that supports the people and places advancing equity and economic well-being for everyone in Northeast Wisconsin. We will continue to partner with nonprofits and local community foundations to embrace shared values of trust and collaboration, curiosity and learning, and equity with a systems-based approach.

U.S. Venture is committed to continuing fundraising to support these efforts, through the nation’s single largest one-day charitable event dedicated to ending poverty – the U.S. Venture Open. The U.S. Venture Open invites and cultivates the generosity of hundreds of funding partners across the region and nation raising $60 million in its 36-year history.

We are excited to announce that Lynn Coriano, director of the POINT Regional Poverty Initiative for the last six years, will lead the Basic Needs Giving Partnership (including the work of POINT) as its founding Executive Director. Lynn brings extensive experience and leadership in relationship building, nonprofit management, grantmaking, capacity building and board development. Over the last several months, Lynn has been working closely with a transition team* in parallel with local community foundation staff to ensure a smooth transition. Amber Paluch, Jenny Krikava, and Amy Putzer will continue to support grantmaking activities during the transition and as local resources and advisors going forward.

The transition will be gradual. For the remainder of 2022 the following will stay the same:

  • Funding will continue to support local organizations across the Northeast Wisconsin region.
  • No changes will be made to the current focus areas.
  • Application processes will remain the same through your local community foundation.
  • Decisions will be facilitated locally, with community foundation staff remaining as your primary point of contact.
  • If your organization currently has an active multi-year Basic Needs Giving Partnership grant, those funds will continue to be disbursed via your local community foundation for the duration of the grant period.

For the remainder of 2022, here’s what will change:

  • Grant application dates and award duration
  • New grant applications will be accepted until November 1 with funding decisions being made before the end of the year.
  • Grant awards during this application cycle will be limited to one-year in duration.

We will be able to communicate timing of 2023 grantmaking cycles later this year. 

To address questions that you may have about these changes and offer a chance to connect, we will host informational sessions about the transition and what’s next. This way we can provide you with the most up-to-date information, answer your questions directly, and begin to build new relationships and deepen existing ones.

You can register to attend the next virtual information session by clicking on this link.

  • Tuesday, October 4 from 9:00 – 10:00am

In the meantime, please reach out to the following individuals with any questions or concerns:

As we navigate this transition, know that we are committed more than ever to investing in the Northeast Wisconsin region. We value your feedback as we adapt and evolve our partnership to meet the needs of the community most impacted by the issues we are all working together to address.

Thank you for the invaluable feedback you have offered throughout this process and for your patience as we continue to navigate this shift.

Greg Vandenberg

Director of Giving and Community Engagement

U.S. Venture, Inc.


[email protected]

*Transition Team Members: Paul Bachman, Lynn Coriano, Heidi Dusek,

Jenni Eickelberg, Jodie Larsen, Amber Paluch, Dawn Ruchala, and Kelly Tanck.