NOVEMBER 29, 2017

Revisions  Chapter 15 Floodplains 

Attached please find revisions to the Chapter 15 Floodplains that will be considered by the EBR "working group" on December 7, 2017. Please review these proposed changes and respond back to the Baton Rouge Growth Coalition or my email.

Below is the message provided by Frank Duke concerning these proposed changes:

"As promised, attached is a copy of the Flood Ordinance with all proposed revisions; those shown in
green  are intended to reflect a reordering and simplification of the ordinance with no significant change intended. I have also highlighted  in a number of terms that I think require definition. Please review this for the December 7 meeting. Ideally, if we are satisfied, I can send this draft out to the Growth Coalition and the Federation as well as to the Cities of Baker, Central, and Zachary and Ascension and Livingston Parishes as we have discussed."
Larry S. Bankston
Executive Director