November 2023 / Heshvan 5784

Dear Ramah Riders and Hikers,
As all of us pray for safety and security in Israel, we continue to plan to be together in Israel on March 26, as originally scheduled.

Due to the difficult challenges facing Israeli society, we are currently redesigning the trip to provide opportunities for all participants to volunteer to support Israeli communities. We strongly encourage everyone to continue to plan to participate so that we can together demonstrate our support for Israel in a meaningful way.

Over the next several weeks, we will determine whether it is feasible to still offer hiking and cycling as part of this trip, or whether participants will join together exclusively to volunteer and perform acts of chesed (kindness).

We will also change the focus of our fundraising efforts. Funds raised will be allocated to causes that support Israel and Israelis, including:

  • providing financial assistance to displaced families or families that have suffered a loss to send their children to a Ramah camp in Israel or in North America;

  • subsidizing costs associated with service projects for all Ramah participants to help rebuild southern communities that were destroyed on October 7, including agricultural needs;

  • supporting Ramah alumni in Israel who are involved in the war effort; and

  • providing grants for young Ramah leaders who are leading programs on college campuses to promote support for Israel and combat anti-semitism.

We will share more information as we develop these options over the coming weeks.

For now, our thoughts remain with everyone in Israel as we pray for the release of all the hostages, the success and safety of our soldiers, and for better days for all those who seek peace.

Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom, and a safe and better week.
Rabbi Mitch Cohen, Trip Leader
Amy Skopp Cooper, National Ramah Director
Dena Tolkin, Trip Coordinator
Marni Cherrin, Development Director
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