Important Update for NLTA Members re Sick Leave Policy Grievance

As referenced in the recent NLTA guidance document for members, dated August 19, School Re-Entry Guidance for Teachers and Administrators, the NLTA has repeatedly raised the issue of paid leave for teachers experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms with the previous and current Premier, the Minister of Education, and with the school districts. It is your Association’s position that the employer does not have the right (under Articles 15 and 27 of the Provincial and Labrador West Agreements, respectively) to require NLTA members to use sick leave when directing a teacher to remain out of the workplace if the teacher feels well, fit and able enough to work. COVID-19 symptoms are similar to those common to other viruses and conditions, which teachers have routinely worked through, when able, without objection from the employer. The government has confirmed in writing that it is not in agreement with the Association’s position, and a policy grievance has now been filed on this issue. 

The Association expects individual grievances to arise once the school year begins, but are pursuing this matter with government immediately. The grievance letter itself can be viewed here: Policy Grievance Letter. In the interim, it is important that all NLTA members follow the steps outlined in the August 19 guidance document.