November 5, 2015
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Deadlines for the COGCC Governor's Task Force Rulemaking are as follows:

November 6 - Pre-hearing conference

November 9 - Response to pre-hearing statements

November 16 - 
(9:00AM  - 5:00PM) rulemaking hearing

November 17 - 
(9:00AM  - 5:00PM) rulemaking hearing


COGCC Pre-hearing and Hearing 
The COGCC Pre-hearing conference this Friday, November 6th, 9-11 am, at the COGCC offices.

People with party status:
- must  show up or call in on November 6th to retain party status.
- can write responses to the statements that have been submitted already. Those responses are due on Monday the 9th. 

People without party status but interested in speaking on November 16-17th must send in notice of their intention to speak by November 6th.

The hearing itself will take place November 16-17th, 9 am - 5 pm, at Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, 1150 Court Place, Denver, CO, in the Governor's Square 14.  The goal of the hearing will be to finalize the rules regarding drilling in neighborshoods.  See the 10-17-15 ACCDAN Newsletter for more details on the rulemaking.
Update on COGCC Pre-hearing Statements
Registered parties to the COGCC rulemaking were allowed to submit their feedback by October 30th.  ACCDAN provided a statement, as did many cities, counties, individuals and oil companies.  In general:

There are clearly two camps: 

those that want to put limits on oil and gas development (cities, counties, community groups, individuals) 

t hose that don't (oil and gas companies, mineral right owners).  

The dichotomy is severe. 

Over 60 party statements were sent to the COGCC.  We've posted statements from ACCDAN, Adams County, City of Thornton, Sara Barwinski and the COGA (Colorado Oil and Gas Association) on our website here.  

You may find a complete list of all party statements  here.  We suggest that you read them to have a better understanding of the issue at hand.
Thank you, Adams County Commissioner 
Eva Henry
Thank you to Adams County Commissioner Eva Henry who spoke up forcefully for protecting our neighborhood (and others) from oil and gas drilling activities.  Commissioner Henry spoke out on a panel titled "Solving the State vs Local Control Puzzle" at CSU's Natural Gas Symposium on October 28th.  Video of the session should be available from the Symposium website later this month.
COGCC and Adams County Commissioner 
Visit Wadley Farms
ACCDAN hosted the Director of COGCC and two employees last Thursday.  As a group we toured Wadley Farms, visited the proposed drilling site and talked to several neighbors about the impact such a site would have on their families.  The COGCC representatives were cordial but didn't side one way or another. 

Adams County Commissioner Jan Pawlawski also visited Wadley Farms a couple of weeks ago and talked to ACCDAN board members.  
Yard SIgns
Yard signs can be purchased from Chris Nyholm at 13789 Franklin Street (Wadley Farms).  Please call her at 303-451-7762 to schedule pick-up or delivery.
Form Letter to Public Offiicals
We believe it is important to let our elected officials know how we feel about drilling in or near our neighborhoods.  We encourage you to contact your elected officials by personal phone call or email.  However, based on several requests from supporters, we have provided the attached form letter to use at your discretion.

PO Box 1023
Eastlake, CO 80614