Throughout the day we have received dozens of requests from symptomatic community members to be tested for COVID-19. We are aware of the continued shortage of available tests and are pleased to inform you that arrangements are being made to our community. To that end, together with the ASISA Urgent Care Health Group, we have established a mobile testing site (community members will  not  leave their cars) in our community.
Per the guidance of our advising physicians, this testing site is only available to community members  displaying COVID-19 symptoms ( such as dry cough and fever ).
Due to the overwhelming demand, there is a limited supply of testing kits available; as such this initial round of testing (we hope to have more), will be set up as follows: Please complete this form in its entirety and once it is received by our team, we will send you an email confirmation approving your slot. 
Please note that there will be absolutely NO on site registration for testing. ONLY THOSE who have received email confirmation will be given access to the test site.  This is for the safety of our community at large. 
As a reminder, we wish to underscore that the most powerful tool available to the community to slow the spread of the virus is to stay at home and avoid going out unless urgently necessary.
As this difficult crisis moves forward, we will continue to provide any and all services to the community.
Team Achiezer
DISCLAIMER: This laboratory is not an affiliate of Achiezer. The laboratory has contacted Achiezer solely to facilitate the testing of persons who may have contracted COVID-19 virus. The testing is being provided as a service to the community by Asisa laboratory. Achiezer assumes no liability for the accuracy of the tests. 

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