Hi everyone!

We hope this email finds you healthy and well. We miss our Waterbury community, and are eager to return to some form of normalcy in the near future.

We’re reaching out to let you know that we’ve had to push back our anticipated reopen date in Waterbury to June 1. Although we had hoped to be able to reopen at the end of this week, we’ve realized that we need more time to get our feet under us here in Woodstock before we can once again divide our attention between two stores.

In mid-March, we closed our Woodstock location for regular shopping and launched a curbside pickup program that, although successful, has required “all hands on deck” to get up and running. We’ve been in the retail business for nearly 30 years, but curbside service is uncharted territory for us. Thankfully, we have a great team down here and, together, we’ve come a long way in a short period of time. Our hope is that we’ll have our systems running smoothly in Woodstock very soon, which will enable us to begin planning for a Waterbury reopening.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for what we’ve worked so hard to build in Waterbury. We’ll continue to keep you posted via email as June 1 approaches, so stay tuned!

Be well,
The Farmers’ Market team