Important Update on Shopping in New Canaan
April 3, 2020

Dear Members and Friends,

Thank you for all you are doing to keep your families safe during these challenging times. You know that we are here to support you. Here are some tips to help both you and everyone in our community stay healthy. 

Older adults and people with underlying medical conditions are at higher risk for developing serious complications from the COVID-19 illness.  When you go out to the store, you could be exposed to this new virus, putting you at higher risk of becoming ill, and possibly endangering others. 


If you have a trusted friend, neighbor or younger relative, please ask them to help you with your shopping. If you don’t have someone to help with your shopping, the Town has organized a group of volunteers to do it for you.   

Here’s how the Town’s Volunteer Shopper Program works:
You prepare a list of essential grocery items you will need for 10-14 days. The Town pairs you up with a volunteer shopper. The volunteer picks up the order, shops for you at Walter Stewart’s during special early morning hours, and then safely delivers the groceries to your doorstep. The volunteer then checks in with you later to help with additional needs, such as the next grocery trip or a pharmacy pick-up. 

Please call Staying Put at 203-966-7762 to sign up for the Volunteer Shopping Service.

New Prescription Policies in Town
New Canaan Pharmacies have made changes to their prescription delivery protocol to accommodate seniors. New Canaan Pharmacy, Greenwich Pharmacy, and CVS are offering home delivery . Walgreen's is offering to ship prescriptions to your home. Call your pharmacy directly to provide pertinent information.

Meals on Wheels Delivery Program
Another resource is Meals on Wheels , which delivers two nourishing meals for $9 a day five days a week. Financial assistance is available. Call Melissa Shapiro at (203) 594-5318 to sign up. 

Check in from Staying Put
Our office is closed, but the staff and volunteers will continue to call you in the next few days to check in. We will be checking messages frequently. 

Stay at home, stay safe and call us anytime!
Barb, Cathy, Laura and Nic