Unitarian Universalist Congregation
in Milford
Dear Friends,

How are you doing in the midst of all this uncertainty about what’s happening and what will happen with the coronavirus? The Board has been working overtime with the safety and well-being of the congregation and those whose lives we touch, both near and far. We’re doing our best to learn how to stay connected and caring during this time of social distancing. Here is the latest:

Worship, programming, meetings, events, and rentals at UUCM have been canceled through April 15th. The codes on the doors are being changed as a security precaution. Our custodian, Sue Wahlen, will monitor the building on a regular basis while we’re away. Marti Kennedy, UUCM President, Jamie Ferrier, Congregational Administrator, Sue Wahlen, Custodian, Bob Baker, Chair of Properties, and Rev. Carol will have the new code. If you need to get into the building for any reason, please contact Jamie in the office. Jamie will be keeping some office hours to maintain church
operations. Please email or call rather than coming in if you have questions or concerns.

Worship, programming, and groups will move to online platforms. We encourage people not to gather in person, but there are a variety of options for connecting. Rev. Carol will meet [remotely] with the Worship Committee and Communications Team on Tuesday to plan for virtual worship on Sunday morning and create an opportunity for you to check in and practice with the technology before then. We plan to keep it simple. Connecting with each other is most important right now. Stay tuned for details.

  • We would prefer that people not hold meetings in one another’s homes. Staying home is the best way to stay safe and protect others right now.

  • Zoom! Zoom is an easy online way to connect with people. We’ll be able to see each others’ faces and interact. We have a Zoom Pro account that allows up to 100 people to meet for an unlimited time. It seems like a great platform for hosting worship, meetings, and other types of gatherings. Amy Conley is even using it for video music lessons! You can go to zoom.us to start learning more about this platform. There are lots of video tutorials on their website. You will have to download the Zoom app onto your computer, tablet, and/or phone to access meetings. We will make written instructions as well as appoint a technical support person or two to help you get started.

  • We can take care of each other now by staying connected, especially with those we know that are alone and most vulnerable. Rev. Carol will be working with the Pastoral Care Team to create a phone list of people to call on a regular basis during this time. If you would like to help make calls, it’s something anyone can do from home.
If you’re part of a Small Group Ministry, the Choir, the Craft Group, Friday Guys, Children and
Youth programs, or any other group, check in with each other using FaceTime, Skype, Zoom.
Pick up the phone or send each other notes, drawings, poems…

If you know someone who needs pastoral care, including yourself, please email Rev. Carol at
minister@uucm.org or call the office at 603-673-1870 and leave a message. Rev. Carol
also has discretionary funding available for anyone experiencing financial difficulty. If you
need money for groceries, prescriptions, or help with utility bills to get you through, email Rev.
Carol or give the office a call.

  • The Stewardship Campaign to fund next year’s budget has been suspended for the time being. We realize this is a financially precarious time. It’s hard to think about looking ahead to next year right now. We do hope that you will be able to maintain your financial support for UUCM. The Board has voted to continue to pay all staff through the end of the church year. We still have bills to pay and we’re losing rental income. Jamie will be in the office to process checks you send in by mail. If you’d like to set up electronic payments through your bank or through UUCM’s electronic payment account, that is a possibility. Contact Jamie for more information. We encourage people to continue to contribute to a weekly offering as part of worship. Stay tuned for details on that. We are hopeful that we will be able to reschedule our Stewardship Celebration and Auction this spring. In the meantime, we know you’ll do what you can to support UUCM.

  • We will do our best to keep you informed and connected using email, UUCM’s website, Facebook, the monthly newsletter, weekly updates, and phone calls. In turn, we hope you will be in touch with your creative ideas, suggestions, questions and/or concerns.

NOTE: There are several private, interactive UUCM Facebook groups where any group
member can post messages and comments. These groups offer a place where people can
share ideas and offer support or simply stay in touch with others. Look for Groups in the
sidebar on the main UUCM Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/uucm.nh.

  • We’re all doing the best we can with what we have — and frankly, what we have is pretty amazing! We have each other!!! This is a time to practice our values; being kind, patient, and compassionate in the face of uncertainty and fear -- knowing we’re all in this together.

Faithfully Yours,

Rev. Carol and Marti