The Vines Community Association Newsletter

Special Issue #134 April 21, 2023

This afternoon at 5:30 p.m. ECC Golf Course maintenance will apply the first application of chemicals to kill off the grass on the back nine fairways only. A green pigment will also be applied to the turf to try and maintain the color. A special spray program is being applied to allow the product to absorb faster allowing the course to open the next day on Saturday. While this non selective application states it should be safe to walk on after it has dried, please take any and all precautions you deem appropriate including closing windows during the application process. 

It is recommended that all residents stay off the back nine for the remainder of the day and evening to for their safety and to avoid any cart tracking through the golf course.

Signs and ropes will be placed around the course as a reminder. 

Your co-operation and understanding is appreciated.

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