NJPGA e-Regulator
2018 - Issue 3
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In this issue:
  • NPGA: Important Updates - including Crane Rule
  • PERC: Important Announcements
  • NJPGA Employee of the Year Awards
  • 2019-20 NPGF Scholarship Opportunity
  • Promoting Propane-Powered School Buses at NJSBA Workshop 2018
  • Women in Propane Update
  • ROUSH CleanTech Update
  • Thank you to our Advertisers and Sponsors! Your Opportunity for Promotion!

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PERC Announcements
Paula Wilson, PERC, Director of Industry Engagement & Chair of Benchmarking Committee 
NJPGA Board/Membership Meeting, 10/4/18
Paula Wilson is working in coordination with PERC CEO, Tucker Perkins, on focusing PERC’s content and messages by region. 

* On November 13, 2018, 1:00 - 5:30pm, there will be a Mid-Atlantic regional PERC meeting at the Courtyard Baltimore Downtown/Inner Harbor for the states of PA, NY, NJ, WVA, VA, DE, and MD. NJPGA Board leadership and marketers are encouraged to attend. This is a great opportunity for marketers to learn more about PERC, and contribute to the development of initiatives and programs. If you are a marketer interested in attending, please email Katina Pearl-Blando at njpga@hq4u.com for the registration link. 

* PERC has assembled a “Workforce Development & Recruitment Task Force” to address the aging of the workforce. A survey of marketers will ascertain the profile of the employee base and identify difficulties in securing new hires.
* PERC is developing workforce recruitment materials for marketers and state associations, which include a video, landing page, print materials and social media messaging. There is a particular shortage of bobtail drivers and service techs. Driving a bobtail has advantages over other trucking positions, including being a member of the propane industry community, having a schedule that permits drivers to spend time with their families, and the opportunity to earn certification and skills that are marketable nationally. * Please notify Katina Pearl-Blando, Managing Director, at njpga@hq4u.com if you need any information or support from PERC, or if you have workforce members and/or plant facilities that you would like highlighted in film/video about a diverse, younger up-and-coming propane workforce. 

* Vets to Techs is working to engage former military personnel in the propane industry. 

* PERC is awaiting Council approval for a 2019 Workforce Recruitment Pilot Program that will provide funding for regional initiatives to address workforce recruitment related activities. Ten (10) grants, up to $50,000 will be made available. Grants will be awarded based on a review by a Council appointed taskforce. Katina will discuss this opportunity with the PERF Board. PERC is also working on an apprenticeship program in conjunction with the Department of Labor. 

* PERC is redesigning and consolidating all PERC websites to www.propane.com , as well, as updating the product catalogue and fulfillment center process. 

* The new “Propane Can Do That” ad campaign uses a theme that promotes the versatility of propane. 

* Propane marketers are encouraged to customize the information in PERC brochures and materials. The data and research have been approved from a safety standpoint. 

* The PERC Advisory Committee (AC) works to advise and evaluate projects that align with the Council's strategic plan. The AC consists of three working groups – safety & technical training, market development and outreach, and research & technology development. Meetings are held twice a year to review new funding & project requests. On November 8-9 the Council will approve the budget for 2019. The budget is available for public comment. 

* PERC is always looking for new Advisory Committee members. If you have expertise in a particular market segment and are interested in joining a project team, please contact Paula at paula.wilson@propane.com

* PERC revamped its Marketer Technical and Sales trainings. The Marketer Sales Training focuses on growing market segments (residential, autogas, builder/construction, sales of products and appliances), assessing marketers’ needs regionally, and providing an efficient, customer-focused, proactive sales approach. 

* In place of the “Find a Propane Retailer” listing that had been included on the PERC website, marketers are urged to use Google Listings. Every marketer should have their company and company locations in Google Listings, as this is the most effective way to be found by consumers looking online for propane retailers. Visit www.propanelocallistings.com for the resources you need to claim your company’s listing.
Reflecting on CETP 2018 - Survey for CETP 2019

In 2018, with PERC support, NJPGA provided six CETP courses for 47 attendees.
Many thanks to each of the following:
  • Dan Waters, CETP instructor
NJPGA members who hosted the classes:
  • F.W. Webb Company, Stem Brothers, Inc. and Tarantin Industries, Inc.
Those who utilized the NJPGA CETP program:
  • Amerigas; Cenco Heating Oil & Propane/Lineman Management, Inc.; John S. Posen, Inc.; NJ Department of Community Affairs, (DCA); Penn Jersey Propane; ProGas, Inc.; Seabord Welding Supply; Stem Brothers, Inc.; and Suburban Propane

NJPGA Employee of the Year Awards
Presented on October 4, 2018
Forsgate Country Club, Monroe Township, NJ

Congratulations to the Award Recipients!
Cylinder Driver
of the Year
Diego Bacuilima-Perez
of Paraco Gas Corp

Diego has an impressive record of driving propane over 3 years accident-free. He has totaled over 100,000 miles, with 35,000 miles in 2017 alone. He ne ver misses a day and takes every day in stride no matter what is thrown his way.

When speaking with customers they always mention how Diego goes out of his way to help (replacing o-rings in forklift tanks when necessary, moving a cylinder cage to another location for customer, being courteous etc.).

Diego is very conscientious about providing dispatch and management with information, whether it be intel about a competitor or spotting a potential issue with a customer. Diego is always the first to lend a hand helping the loading dock workers or fellow drivers. In addition to celebrating Diego’s accomplishments as an excellent cylinder driver, we congratulate him and his wife, Veronica Rivas Barreto, on the arrival of their first child, Diego Alejandro Bacuilima Rivas, born on September 16.
Salesperson of the Year
Michael Santiago of Blue Flame GAS of NJ
Mike started working for Papco in 2009 as a rail operator in the terminal. Quickly Henry Papiano, Sr. recognized Mike’s formidable abilities, and he was soon moved to the office where he excelled in Human Resource matters, solving fuel tax issues and reworking the payroll system -- all improvements that were long overdue. Mike’s ability to problem solve on the fly has helped him succeed in the retail field as well. Mike has been Blue Flame’s keystone since inception. While Mike has a great staff supporting him and in the retail business everyone is a Salesperson, Mike is responsible for sealing the deal. Sales is not only contacting the customer, but ensuring that customers great service ensures that customers stay on.
Mike Santiago and his wife, Joy Santiago
Mike achieves this through his attention to detail, IT savvy, and responsiveness to customer questions. Mike Santiago was selected for NJPGA’s Salesperson of the Year for his dedication to the company and his diligent efforts to put small business back on the map.
Office Person of the Year
Christina Stephic of C Three Logistics
Christina was nominated by Henry Papiano. She has worked with Henry (for the last 16 years in the transportation field. Christina started working at Papco in 2002 and quickly exceeded expectations at all tasks that were given to her.

Christina's first memories of Papco were the beginnings of a small company; it has been on ongoing joke how her first desk was held up with a cinder block in a leaky office trailer. Times have changed and certainly improved over the years. Christina is recognized for managing so many tasks effectively and enthusiastically -- whether it is AR, AP, Billing, Dispatching, IT issues, resolving disputes, or helping with a breakdown repair. Her immense and irreplaceable efforts, have helped C Three Logistics grow as a premier carrier.
Jayson Schneider of FW Webb presented Office 
Person of the Year Award to Christina Stephic 
Transport Driver
of the Year
William Duda of C Three Logistics
Bill has been one of the most committed and dedicated drivers Henry S. Papiano 
has ever hired. He has driven over 30+ years, and accrued over 5 million miles of safe, accident-free driving.
While safety is any company’s primary concern, Bill's initiative and exceptional care and pride in his truck has taken him to the next level. Bill’s time off often entails waxing, washing, fixing something on his truck, which may be a pet peeve for his lovely wife, as the grass is growing and the chores around the house begin to pile up. However that truck looks great sitting in the yard on Sunday morning ready to start his week out on Monday.

Henry S. Papiano is honored to have Bill as a driver for C Three Logistics. Bill is truly an example of the type of employee all carriers strive to have representing them to their customers.
2019-20 NPGF Scholarship Applications Available
Do you have a high school senior, or a child attending college or a trade/vocational/ technical school? They can apply for an NPGF Scholarship starting September 15, 2018. T o review eligibility requirements, v isit  http://www.npga.org/scholarship .
Applications must be completed and all required documents must be received by February 15, 2019. Successful applicants will be notified by May 2019.
NEW this year!
NPGF is offering two $1,000 scholarships for eligible applicants attending technical/trade/vocational schools pursuing programs in commercial truck driving, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, gasfitting, or pipefitting.
Help spread the word!
NPGF has flyers to display at your work locations or for use in newsletters, and brochures to provide your employees. 
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Board Meeting & Holiday Luncheon

11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Maggiano's Little Italy
600 Commons Way
Bridgewater, NJ
or call 609-890-6094 x114
2018 Howard Card
Safety Award
to be Presented at the 12/6/2018 Board Meeting & Holiday Luncheon! 

The Howard Card Safety Award is
presented in memory of Sgt. Howard Card, formerly of the New Jersey State Police, who had full responsibility for the regulatory oversight of the propane gas industry. The award recognizes an individual and his/her company for their commitment and/or contribution to safe acts over and above the normal expectations of safe practices employed in the workplace, or for contributing to a safer industry during his/her lifetime.

The 2018 recipient of the
Howard Card Safety Award is
Michael DiGiorigio
of Silverback Consulting, nominated by
Henry S. Papiano of C Three Logistics.
  Mike is being recognized for lifelong commitment to safety and excellence in training!

The award will be presented at the NJPGA Holiday Meeting & Luncheon
Thursday, December 6, 2018
11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Maggiano's Little Italy in Bridgewater, NJ
NJ School Boards Association  
Workshop 2018
October 23-24 in Atlantic City
NJPGA in association with Blue Bird, Hoover & ROUSH, and volunteers from AmeriGas, Blue Flame GAS of NJ, Intercon Truck Equipment, 
MicroBird , and  Suburban Propane promoted the use of Propane School Buses in NJ at a booth and in a 1-hour presentation at the convention! Many thanks to PERC for supporting this important program!
Thanks to PERC for supporting Gold Sponsorship of NJSBA Workshop 2018!
Propane-Powered School Buses:
Cost Savings & Cleaner Air
School board members, school business administrators and superintendents were able to earn 1 QPA Credit for Green Purchasing by attending the lively and informative joint presentation provided by David Whaley of ROUSH, Joe Capo of AmeriGas, and John Aymil of Randolph School District. 

Washington, D.C., October 1, 2018 - Women in Propane (WIP) Council, an official business council of the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA), announced its slate of officers for 2019 at its Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas on September 30. Click here for more information.  NJPGA congratulates and extends warm wishes for continued success to Laurie Irish-Jones, Brilynn Johnson, Milissa Lord, and Jennifer Jackson.

Women in Propane Council
WIP@npga.org www.npga.org/WIP
Facebook.com/WomeninPropane Twitter: @WomeninPropane LinkedIn Women in Propane group 
PERC will soon remove the Find a Propane Retailer tool from p ropane.com and will instead start using Google search results.
This will help you better connect with potential customers.
Learn how to claim and manage your Google business listing by listening to a recent webinar from PERC – click here then scroll down for the “Watch Our Google My Business Webinar.”
From Roush CleanTech
New Case Studies — Propane Autogas School Buses
We’ve recently developed four new case studies about school districts operating propane autogas buses. Download them and share in your newsletters, on social media and with customers to show the differentiators of propane buses from the school districts’ perspectives. You can find them all at http://www.roushcleantech.com/downloads/ .
Here’s an overview of each of the case studies.

The Total Cost of Ownership for Propane School Buses
School transportation departments across the nation must work within tight budgets and evaluate bus choices based on total ownership costs. About 850 school districts across the U.S. and Canada operate Blue Bird propane school buses. Districts discuss how whether it’s for a few dozen or a couple hundred, propane school buses make financial sense.
Download case study here .

Propane School Buses Reduce Transportation Department Maintenance Costs  
As district transportation departments across the nation work within tight budgets, many turn to buses operating on alternative fuels. School buses fueled by propane autogas have an incremental cost of about $8,000 more than diesel. Testimonials from four school district transportation directors demonstrate that this incremental cost is quickly recouped through lower maintenance expenses.
Download case study here .

Propane School Buses Perform Economically in Below Zero Temperatures
Cold weather should not be an operational barrier when it comes to school bus transportation. The Blue Bird Vision Propane school bus equipped with a ROUSH CleanTech fuel system alleviates cold-weather start problems with its propane technology. Testimonials from school district transportation directors demonstrate that, in cold-weather conditions, buses fueled by propane autogas start and operate better than their diesel-fueled counterparts, where the fuel may gel at extremely cold temperatures.
Download case study here .
Texas School District Operates Propane School Buses for Over a Decade
Over the past 10 years, Leander ISD near Austin, Texas, integrated propane school buses into its fleet to its current number of 117. About 30 percent of the total fleet runs on propane autogas, with a plan to convert to 60 percent in the next five years. The school district’s 24 newest Blue Bird Vision Propane buses are equipped with ROUSH CleanTech’s ultra-low NOx engines.
Download case study here .
Todd Mouw is president of ROUSH CleanTech, an industry leader of alternative fuel vehicle technology. Mouw has more than two decades of experience in the automotive and high-tech industries. As former president of the NTEA Green Truck Association, Mouw helped set standards in the green trucking industry. To learn more, visit ROUSHcleantech.com.
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NJPGA Officers & Board of Directors 2018-19
Michael G. Merrill
JEM Mechanical Services
Vice President

Beth Karr

Henry S. Papiano
C Three Logistics
Immediate Past President
Scott Fitzgerald

National/State Director
Thomas A. Tarantin
Tarantin Industries, Inc.
Peter Gilman
LP Transportation, Inc.
Chris Mohler
Chesmont Engineering Company, Inc.

Jack Neff
Woodruff Energy
Jayson Schneider
Victor Division of F.W. Webb Co.
J.D. Stem
Stem Brothers Inc.

Mike Taylor
Combined Energy Services

Jim Wiltshire
Ray Murray, Inc.
Director of Public Affairs
David Smith
Princeton Public Affairs Group
NJPERF Officers & Board of Trustees
J.D. Stem
Stem Brothers, Inc.
Vice President

Beth Karr

Corrine Walker
Suburban Propane
Thomas A. Tarantin
Tarantin Industries, Inc.

Michael Merrill
JEM Mechanical Services

NJPGA and NJPERF Headquarters
Debbie Hart
Executive Director

Katina Pearl-Blando
Managing Director
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