Dear Members and Friends of Portland Center,

If you plan to attend this weekend's monastic visit events, we want to alert you that a major freeway closure will affect travel this coming Saturday and Sunday (September 24 and 25). This will particularly impact those who rely on I-84

More information is available through Trimet, and you may also want to consult this 'real time' traffic information site to help plan alternate routes.

Also, we are glad to announce that Portland Center has resumed full vocal participation in all our services, including chanting and repeating prayers aloud. Masks remain optional, and all individual choices will be respected.

We look forward to hosting Brother Devananda and Brahmachari Daniel, and to sharing inspiration and fellowship with you this weekend.


In divine friendship,

Kripa Raguram, Mike O'Brien, Paulette Fritsch,

Rebecca Field and Shikha Misra

Portland Center Managing Council