Note from Your VCNP President
VCNP’s Board of Directors met virtually last weekend to discuss plans for the coming year. We will share more information in the coming months including plans for a virtual educational program about implicit bias. We’re also working to assemble a list of resources relevant to the country’s current issues that may be helpful to fellow NPs. If you have suggestions for books, podcasts, movies, web sites or other media, please let us know. We want to keep this dialogue going and remain committed to change.

Before the meeting, board members were asked to share something positive they’ve seen come from COVID-19, either personally, professionally or for VCNP.
Telehealth and YouTube
Kim Bednar, VCNP’s Government Relations committee chair, recently recorded a video about changes in telehealth regulations during the state of emergency. This video and others are posted on VCNP’s new YouTube channel.

If you have suggestions for future video topics or are interested in becoming VCNP’s next video star, please contact us.
Executive Order 57 extension
Executive Order 57 allows NPs with two or more years of clinical experience to practice without a collaborating agreement during the state of emergency. Governor Northam recently extended Virginia’s state of emergency indefinitely, meaning this order has been extended. We will share information about how this impacts NP practice as we have more details.
Regardless of when this order ends, it does not reduce the hours required and need for permanent autonomous practice licensure. If you’re eligible, please apply now.
If you have received your license, we want to hear from you! Please share your photo and 1-2 sentences about why you applied for use in future VCNP communications.
If you have been able to practice autonomously because of the executive order’s temporary changes, please let us know how this has changed your ability to practice and increase access to care.
ANA COVID-19 series: Free webinars
The American Nurses Association is offering free webinars to members and non-members as part of its COVID-19 series. The webinars cover different aspects of this crisis and provide up-to-date information that can be applied immediately in your care of COVID-19 patients. Each of these approximately 60-minute webinars has been developed and recorded in the last few weeks.
  • How You Can Have a Direct Impact on Reducing the Devastating Racial Disparities of COVID-19
  • How to Survive the Pandemic with An Unbroken Spirit: Actions to Take Right Now to Stay Strong and Focused
  • How to Respond to Ethical Challenges and Moral Distress during the COVID-19 Pandemic 
  • Be Confident Protecting Yourself and Providing the Best Care to Your Patients during this COVID-19 Pandemic (focus on PPE)
  • Ventilator Management: Essential Skills for Non-ICU Nurses 
Recognizing new graduates
It’s graduation time! We recognize that celebrations look different this year, and we want to celebrate with you! Send your name, credentials, school and graduating program so we can honor you on social media and in VCNP’s newsletter. If you have a photo, please share that too. Preceptors and educators, please help us recognize this year’s graduates.
We know these are challenging times. Please let us know how we can continue to be a resource for you. Thank you for your commitment to your patients and our profession.
Becky Compton, DNP, RN, FNP-BC
President, VCNP Board of Directors